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1. 11 2 seeds


1. 11 2 seeds

1. 11 2 seeds

This is one of the crazy awesome Minecraft 1. Players start only a few hundred blocks away from weeds first village.

In this village are cartographers, who with their help, players can find a woodland mansion nearby. Minecraft 1. They're usually hundreds of blocks away from the starting point. On this seed the mansion is only a few hundred blocks away. The village can be found at x by z. It's a pretty cool village, and it comes with a blacksmith.

Sreds nothing too fancy in the blacksmith though, just some obsidian and iron armor. As for the seexs temple, it's not too 1. 11 2 seeds from that, it can be found at x by z.

Like any other Minecraft woodland temple seed, they're pretty massive, and have a lot of cool treasure and loot in them. Be careful however, as they're full of monsters and traps as well! This is one of the best Minecraft seesd. From Minecraft seeds wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. The seed is: Minecraft 1. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read 1. 11 2 seeds source View history.

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1. 11 2 seeds

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