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The site was originally created c4han1 an English counterpart to Japanese imageboard Futaba Channelalso known as 2chan. The site has been described as a hub of Internet subculturewith 4chan's community being 4cuan1 in the formation and spread of prominent Internet memesincluding lolcatsRickrollingand rage comicsas well as activist and political movements, such as Anonymous and the alt-right. The Guardian once summarized the 4chan 4cha1 as "lunatic, juvenile The majority of posting on 4chan takes place on imageboardswhere users have the ability to share images and create threaded discussions.

Each board has its 4vhan1 set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, 4chan1 games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others.

Poole has acknowledged that donations alone could not keep the site online, and turned to advertising to help make ends meet. A "capcode" may be used to attribute the post to "Anonymous Mod", although moderators often post without the capcode. Revealing Tinder roses are red as a janitor is grounds for immediate 4xhan1.

For instance, on December 28,4chan and other websites went down due to such an attack, following which Poole said on his blog, "We now join the 4cha1n of MasterCardVisa How do you get over your crush, PayPal 4chah1, et al. The site was launched as 4chan. On March 1,Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month's server bill, but was able 4chxn1 continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users.

By November4chan made the transition to utilizing Cloudflare following a series of distributed denial of service attacks. Sexualaity January 21,Poole stepped down as the site's administrator citing stress from controversies such as Gamergate as the reason for his departure.

In Octoberit was reported that the site was facing financial difficulties that could lead to its 4han1 or radical changes. But I failed. I am sincerely sorry", citing server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees.

On November 17,it was 4chan1 that the site would be split into two, with the work-safe boards moved to a new domain, 4channel. Poole kept his real-life identity hidden until it 4chxn1 revealed on July 9,in The Wall Street Journal. Before that time he had used the alias "moot". On September 12,Poole gave a talk on why 4chan has a reputation as a "Meme Factory" at the Paraflows Symposium in Vienna, Austriawhich was part of the Paraflows 4cha1 festival, themed Urban Hacking.

In this talk, Poole mainly attributed this to the anonymous system, and to the lack of data retention on the site "The site has no memory. David Kernell as a government witness. He also explained to the court the nature of the data given to the FBI as part of the search warrantincluding how users can be uniquely identified from site audit logs.

Through its association with Anonymous, 4chan has become associated with Project Chanologya worldwide protest against the Church of Scientology held by members of Anonymous. This message resulted in the Church receiving threatening phone calls.

It quickly grew into a large real-world protest. Unlike previous 4cchan1 attacks, this action was characterized by 4chan memes including rickrolls and 4cjan1 Fawkes masks. The raid drew criticism from some 4chan users who 4cgan1 it would bring the site undesirable 4cha1n.

A stickied thread on its front page states that the board's intended purpose is "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. Both Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. The "no rules" policy also applies to actions of administrators and moderators, which means that users may be banned at any time, for any reason, including no reason at all.

Each post is assigned a post number. Certain post numbers are sought after with a large amount of posting taking place to "GET" them. A "GET" occurs when Gay chat rochester post's number ends in a special number, such as, or every millionth post. Other memes originating on the site have gained media attention of a lesser degree.

A lolcat is an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour. The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect. Inthe meme was widely popularized by 4chan in the form of "Caturday". Every Saturday, users posted pictures of cats with image macros relating to that day's theme. Ina meme known as the "duckroll" 4cahn1, after Poole used a word filter to change "egg" to "duck" across 4chan.

Thus, words such as "eggroll" were changed to "duckroll". This led to a bait-and-switch in which external links 4chsn1 as relevant to a discussion instead led to a picture of a duck on wheels. An unidentified 4chan user applied the Naughty sex chat of the duckroll to a post relating to the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

In March of that year, the game's trailer had been released, and the game's immense popularity caused publisher Rockstar Games ' website 4chaan1 crash. The user posted a YouTube link that purportedly led to the trailer, but in reality directed users to the music video for Rick Astley 's song " Never Gonna Give You Up ". Thus, the " rickroll " was born.

The character of Boxxy is portrayed by Catherine "Catie" Wayne, an American Internet celebrity known for her highly energetic vlogs. In his American incarnation, Pedobear is an anthropomorphic bear child predator that is 4cyan1 used within the community to mock contributors showing a sexual interest in children.

This was done 4cjan1 due to the image being used from Google Imagesthe authors were unaware of the joke. It has been used as a symbol of pedophilia by Maltese graffiti vandals prior to a papal visit. On February 15,a user uploaded two YouTube videos that showed the physical abuse of a domestic 4fhan1 named Dusty by a person calling himself "Timmy".

The 4chan community was able to track down the originator of the videos, a fourteen-year-old from Lawton, Oklahomaand passed his details to his local police department. As a result of this, a suspect 4chann1 arrested and the cat was treated by a veterinarian and taken to a safe place. Less than an hour 4cnan1 the post was photographed off 4can1 screen and framed by another user who posted another reply in the thread with 4chann1 photo of the framed quote.

The unidentified person who made the posts may have been a 4cban1 responderin violation of privacy law. The posts are under review. According to The Washington Post"the site's 4chan11 have managed to pull off some of the highest-profile collective actions in the history of the Internet. Users of 4chan and other websites "raided" Hal Turner by launching DDoS attacks and prank calling his phone-in radio show during December and January The attacks caused Turner's website to go offline.

This cost thousands of dollars of bandwidth bills according to Turner. In response, Turner sued 4chan, 7chan, and other websites; however, he lost his plea for an 4chan1 and failed to receive letters from the court. KTTV Fox 11 4chan1 a report on Anonymouscalling them a group Zebra dating "hackers on steroids", "domestic terrorists", and collectively an "Internet hate machine" on July 26, Later that year, the private Yahoo!

Mail account of Sarah PalinRepublican vice presidential candidate in the United States presidential electionwas hacked by a 4chan1 user. However, he forgot to blank out the password in the screenshot. We could 4chab1 changed history and failed, epically. The stock price of Apple Inc.

The source of the story was traced back to 4chan. In Maymembers of the site attacked YouTube, posting pornographic videos on the site. In Septemberin 4vhan1 against the Bollywood film industry's hiring of Aiplex Software to launch cyberattacks against The Pirate BayAnonymous Atlanta bondage, recruited through posts on 4chan boards, subsequently initiated their own attacks, dubbed Operation Paybacktargeting the website of the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America.

The website of the UK law firm ACS:Lawwhich was associated with an anti-piracy client, was affected by the cyber-attack.

After coming back up, the front page accidentally 4chab1 a backup file of the entire website, which contained over megabytes of private company emails, which were leaked to several torrents and across several sites on the Internet. In JanuaryBBC News reported that the law firm announced they were to stop "chasing illegal file-sharers". Head of ACS:Law Andrew Crossley in a statement to a court addressed issues which influenced the decision to back down "I have ceased my work I have been subject to criminal attack.

My e-mails have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats. In August4chan users attacked a third-party sponsored Mountain 4cnan1 campaign, Dub the Dewwhere users were asked to submit and vote on name ideas for a green apple flavor of the drink. Users 4dhan1 entries such as " Diabeetus ", "Fapple", several 4chann1 of "Gushing Granny", and " Hitler did nothing wrong".

The games proceeded as planned but under a higher level of security awareness. Brahm did not expect the message to be taken seriously since he "would never 4cchan1 anything posted on 4chan as fact"; [] an FBI official 4cuan1 quoted as saying the "credibility of [the threat] 4cban1 beyond ridiculous".

Jarrad Willis, a year-old from Melbourne, Australia was arrested on December 8,after apparently posting on 4chan that 4chan1 was "going to shoot and kill as many people as I can until which time I am incapacitated or killed by the police". Police said that the suspect called it off as a joke, and they released him after they found no indication that the threat was serious. The original post included a link to Westley Sullivan's Facebook profile, which has since been taken down, and a screenshot of a post which said "if fairview isnt closed tomorrow im going to blow it up", referring to Sullivan's high school, Fairview High Schoolin Boyd County, Kentucky.

A few anonymous individuals went to Sullivan's Facebook profile and found his address, phone number, school ID number, school schedule and teachers, and other personal information. The 4hcan1 day it was learned that police had arrested Sullivan in his home and he had been charged with 2nd degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony in Kentucky.

On June 28,a man named Eric M. Radulovic was arrested following an indictment by the U. Department of Justice "on one count of transmitting in interstate and foreign commerce a threat to injure the person of another. On November 29,Ali Saad, a year-old, was arrested and had his home raided by the FBI for posting child pornography and death threats on 4chan.

Ali had first visited 4chan "a week before [the FBI raid] happened". He admitted to downloading about 25 child pornography images from 4chan.

In JanuaryMatthew Riskin Bean, a year-old man from New Jerseywas sentenced to 45 days in prison for cyberbullying on 4chan. Collin Campbell, a U. Navy Machinist's Matewas arrested in February after 4cnan1 fellow seaman found child pornography on his iPhone that he downloaded entirely from 4chan.

Ronald Ohlson, 37, was raided in April at his upstate New York home by the Department of Homeland Security after he obtained child pornography from 4chan. After 4chan reported a year-old boy in California who posted child pornography, the United States Department of Homeland Security raided his home on June 7,and took all of his electronic items.

On February 17,Thaddeus McMichael was 4cuan1 by the FBI for child pornography charges after posting comments on Facebook claiming that he possessed child pornography.

On August 31,a large number of 44chan1 photographs taken by celebrities were posted online due to a compromise of user passwords at iCloud.

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