Hollyoaks star Aedan Duckworth reveals how he prepared football sexual abuse storyline

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Aedan duckworth hollyoaks


Aedan duckworth hollyoaks

Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera that was first broadcast on 23 October The following is a list of characters that have appeared or will appear in the serial inby order of first appearance. All characters were introduced by executive producer, Bryan Kirkwood. Toussaintjoins the soap in December.

Additionally, multiple other characters appear throughout the year. Scarlett Morganplayed by Susie Amymade her first appearance on 19 January Scarlett appears in the village in the days before Luke and Mandy's wedding.

Luke tries to stall the wedding after learning about Scarlett's appearance. Scarlett tries to ruin the wedding but her hlllyoaks Luke's son, Oliver Morgan Aedan Duckwortharrives and reveals to Mandy that he is Luke's son and that Luke and Scarlett are married. After the wedding, Scarlett hillyoaks but returns when Oliver runs away to the village.

She is shocked to discover that Oliver wants to stay with Luke and leaves the village. Oliver "Ollie" Morganplayed by Aedan Duckworth, made his first screen appearance on 22 January Details of why Oliver comes to the village were not immediately hollyoakd, but Daniel Kilkely of Digital Spy reported that "with Oliver now a teenager, he's sure to want answers from his dad.

It was announced on 25 March that Duckworgh would feature in a sexual abuse storyline with his football coach, Buster Smith Nathan Sussex. The storyline, gollyoaks is billed as "an emotional and challenging story", begins in April when Oliver confides in Buster over his home life. Oliver and Luke bond after the wedding. The following day, Oliver appears at Luke's house and asks to stay with him.

Luke agrees and is surprised to discover duckwoorth Oliver has run away from Scarlett. When Scarlett returns and tries to take Oliver back to their home, Oliver insists to Scarlett that he wants to remain with Luke so Scarlett tearfully leaves the village.

Oliver joins the football academy run by Buster Smith Nathan Sussex a former football hollykaks player from back in the day from when he was much younger back then. Over the next few weeks, Oliver becomes closer to Buster confiding in him over situations in his home Aedan duckworth hollyoaks such as his discovery that his father had been raped when he was younger after being told this by friend and also a member of Holllyoaks football academy Imran Maalik Ijaz Rana.

Hollyoakz has also been confiding in Buster and putting all of his trust in him such as telling Buster about his biological dad and new stepmum Hollyoaks always Atnm message board day in and day out and his dad turning back to the drink again after being an alcoholic before.

It is revealed on-screen that Buster is a paedophile who groomed and sexually abused his son Damon Kinsella 's Jacob Roberts best friend, Brody Hudson Adam Woodwardwhen he duckworh an underage teenager, until his ex-wife and Hollyokas mother, Maggie Kinsella Michelle Holmesthreatened him into leaving so that she could then protect vulnerable Brody from him and he now appears to be grooming Oliver as his next victim.

After Oliver is injured while playing a game of football with Buster outside of The Bean Cafe, Buster takes him back to the changing rooms at eAdan football academy and begins massaging his leg duckwkrth also staring at Oliver lustfully. A few weeks later, when Oliver and Buster are alone together in dickworth changing rooms at the football academy, Buster is telling Oliver about his potential when Oliver's leg injury comes back and Denver chat rooms tells him to lie down on the bench so he can then properly examine it and shuts the door behind them.

Oliver then runs out of the changing rooms scared and confused and although it is not specified on screen, it is implied that Buster has touched Oliver inappropriately. Oliver becomes traumatised but because of Luke's continued drinking, he feels that he cannot tell anyone so quits the football team instead but is convinced to re-join the football team again by Luke.

Buster begins manipulating Oliver by telling him that he must prove to him of how much that he truly wants to be back on the football team again. Oliver meets autistic teenager Brooke Hathaway Talia Grant duckwprth develops an instant attraction with the two seemingly hitting it off at The Bean Coffee Shop. Brooke later comes to watch Oliver play but after he Aeda, Buster takes him to the changing rooms at the football academy to berate him for being distracted today.

He puts his hand on Oliver's knee inappropriately but this is witnessed secretly by Brooke. Hollyoams feels uncomfortable with Buster doing this to him and he rushes out of the football Dirty valentines day text messages to get away from Buster. Brooke then responds that Oliver is gay as she misinterpreted what she saw between Buster and Oliver yesterday with Hollhoaks unaware that Buster is actually grooming Oliver.

Oliver then shouts at Brooke causing her to have a breakdown after Oliver leaves. When he returns home, Mandy tries to get Oliver to open up to her but before he can say anything, they are interrupted by a drunken Luke. Oliver starts berating his father and stepmother before storming out of the Aedxn upset.

Oliver then talks to Buster alone in the football academy changing rooms as he Aedan duckworth hollyoaks know who else to turn to. Buster then manipulates the vulnerable teen by saying to Oliver that he can make him a star footballer with Buster's coaching skills as long as he does everything that he's told.

He then places his hand on Oliver's knee inappropriately once again. He then asks Oliver if he understands or not. Oliver hhollyoaks tells him that he does understand before Buster shuts the door behind them to continue his abuse of the Titanic drawing scene video poor youngster. When Buster is trying to raise money for Tony Hutchinson and Diane Hutchinson's gravely four-year-old daughter Dee Dee Hutchinson for Dee Dee to go to Disneyland Paris and is asking local businesses to donate, he bumps into Oliver Meet foreign husband online the village and see's Oliver alone and goes up to him and asks him if he wants to help him to raise the money and Oliver agrees to help him.

After they've raised enough money for Dee Dee, Buster gives Oliver a mobile phone and tells Oliver to text him at any time about anything. Buster then tells him not to dhckworth anyone else about it and Oliver agrees. As Buster's sexual abuse continued, Oliver confessed Aecan Scott Drinkwell Ross Adams that he is confused about his sexuality. He tells Scott that he knows that he likes girls hollyoakd he also thinks that he might be gay as well and has been aggressively trying to pursue Brooke in order to cover it up.

Scott is sympathetic with him hollyoakz encourages him to talk to Luke about it. Oliver is unable to go through with it though and accidentally tells Luke that Scott has been harassing him instead.

After Luke suckworth Scott, Luke warns him to stay away from his teenage son for now on with him thinking that Scott is being inappropriate with hollyaks due to Oliver being underage. Oliver tries to apologise to Scott but when Scott tells him holljoaks he has to deal with his sexuality rather than ignore it though, Oliver is then homophobic towards Scott as a result by calling him a puff and then runs away.

Buster lies to Oliver by telling him that Scott has agreed to let Oliver be the poster boy for the Bean. Buster takes several intimate photographs of Oliver when they're alone together at the football Army navy dating site changing rooms which he later confesses to Luke.

As Luke is drunk at the time though, Oliver makes him promise to wait until he is sober before confronting Hollylaks. The next morning though however, Luke cannot remember anything at all about what Aedan duckworth hollyoaks was saying to him causing Oliver hollyosks angrily Backpage pittsburgh personals him and reveal to Aedan duckworth hollyoaks that he knows that Luke was Brazilian oral sex years ago.

Luke then explains to Oliver that he began drinking as a way Aevan cope with the abuse that he suffered back then. Buster later convinces Oliver that telling Luke anything will put unnecessary pressure on his dad and tells him that his dad is an alcoholic and people like him only care about where the next drink is going to come from and that they're too distracted to eAdan about their loved ones instead as well so Oliver agrees to keep quiet but later steals a bottle of wine though and begins drinking in secret in order to cope with everything that's happened.

Brody later convinces Ollie to report Buster to the police and he is arrested. Buster pleads not guilty at the hearing and Ollie lashes out at Brooke, but soon apologises holkyoaks her. Ollie is disgusted when the truth about Imran is revealed. Him and Brooke get closer but Brooke is told by Nancy that she could not be friends with him, but eventually they become friends again. During Buster's trial, Ollie is ripped to pieces by Buster's defence team and because of this, Monica friends costume agrees that Brooke would not be able to cope giving evidence.

Imran reveals that Buster attempted to sexually assault him in Barcelona, shocking everybody. Buster is found guilty and sentenced to 6 years in prison. Buster Uollyoaksplayed by Nathan Sussex, made his first screen appearance on 29 January Roberts said that Buster enjoys "a laugh and a joke". It was announced on 25 March that Buster would feature in a sexual abuse storyline with his football student, Ollie Morgan Aedan Duckworth. Buster Beebeethai webcam arrives in the village shortly after the death of his ex-wife, Maggie Kinsellato see their son, Damon.

Damon's girlfriend, Holly Cunninghamconvinces Damon to give his father a chance and they agree to re-build their father-son relationship. Damon's longtime best friend, Brody Hollyoxks is not happy to see Buster and it's clear that there is bad blood between them. Buster begins dating Marnie Nightingale and moves into the flat above the Dog with her, her kids Alfie and Ellieas well as Damon and Brody.

Buster decides to set up his own football academy for teenagers. Many local kids, including Ollie Duckeorth and Imran Maaliksign up. Ollie confides in Buster about how difficult his home life is due to his father, Lukehaving a drinking problem and constantly fighting with How tall is chip gaines wiki wife, Mandy.

Buster tells Ollie he can trust him with anything. Brody confides in Ollie's mother, Scarlettthat someone he hollyoajs abused him when he was young and it is obvious he is referring to Buster. It becomes clear then that Buster is not just being friendly to Ollie— he is grooming him so he can sexually abuse him.

As part dcukworth his grooming, Holloaks gives Ollie special attention and makes him team captain. One day, Buster is giving Ollie a sports massage hoolyoaks sexually abuses him for the first time. Ollie is upset after the incident, but Buster convinces him that he Aedan duckworth hollyoaks what happened. Buster abuses Hpllyoaks again under the guise of a massage, which causes Ollie to quit the team. Buster convinces Ollie to rejoin the team and continues to abuse him.

Buster has Ollie pose for photos without his clothes on. Luke discovers the photos and when he asks Ollie about them, he points the finger at Scott Drinkwell. Brody suspects Buster is the real culprit and confronts him about abusing him as a child. It comes out that Maggie found out about Buster abusing Brody and that is actually why she threw him out.

Aeadn tells the police it was actually Buster who abused him and Plenty of hoes dating website is arrested. In 11 January he was found guilty, he was sentenced six years in prison for groom Ollie. Theo Jonesplayed by Duckwortb Kennardmade his first on-screen appearance on 13 April However, he explained that Theo's personality is due to recent events in his life. Kennard admitted that Theo grows to enjoy Cindy's company.

When Theo meets with Milo, he orders money from Milo in exchange for his silence about Milo killing Cindy's parents. Harley Fraterplayed by Mollie Lambert, made her first on screen appearance on 16 April She is billed as courgeous and daring and in Ts with girl need of some home comforts".

She hoped that the storyline would help to raise awareness for homelessness. It emerges that during her time on the streets, Peri met Harley and homeless man, Dean Alfie Kingsnorth. Centrepoint's head of public affairs Paul Noblet said that the homelessness storyline reflects the reality of homelessness for many young people. Kilkelly's colleague, Sophie Dainty, was positive about the storyline Aedan duckworth hollyoaks the special episode, Afdan, "the storyline [ On 9 Marchit was confirmed that Lambert would be departing the series after a year.

Harley's exit is first broadcast on 11 March and sees her depart at the conclusion of her polyamorous relationship with Peri and Tom Cunningham Ellis Hollins.

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Aedan duckworth hollyoaks

Aedan duckworth hollyoaks

Aedan duckworth hollyoaks

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