appreciate Meaning in Oriya

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Appreciate meaning in odia


Appreciate meaning in odia

Can someone pleaase provide a picture odiaa a sample text here and in Oriya script page because I doubt many computers support oriya fonts? The periodization used in this article seems to be that of Oriya literature. Are the periods the same for the language itself? Ok, this isn't with finding one. It's the display issue with Safari. I tried going to the Oriya wiki but it did not display. But on IE, it works perfectly fine. Anyway to display Oriya fonts on Safari? Kanzler31 talk6 October UTC.

Parliament approves new name for Orissa Odisha and Oriya Odia. The result of the move request was: No move. There is rough consensus that it's too early to tell if the common name has changed. Orlady talk20 February UTC As the article Orissa now moved to Odisha ; see the discussion herethis page and other Appreciate meaning in odia at Oriya should be moved to Odia language and so on. These are exceptions with others like Malayalam.

Odia may not stress on "D but a similar pronunciation. The "Sha" in Odisha is the same as the "Sha" in Shiva. I tried putting a Odia script but it didn't get uploaded in the page. I am not sure how to do it. Can someone suggest?

Rajmaan talk12 March UTC. The result of the move request was: no consensus to move the page, per the discussion below. I also note that Britannica notes but does not have its listing under the proposed name, which actually reflects our current setup; and that a few of the commenters here have few edits outside of the current topic although it is important to assume good faith.

I've had a very unhappy editor on my talk page complaining when I reverted him at Oriya Marina sirtis bikini and his complaint should be given a hearing.

Dougweller talk7 October UTC. User:GregkayeUser:Dankitydankare Quiltropolis supports also for a move to Odia meajing I ask because you both seem to mention only the language. Dougweller talk9 October UTC. I see that the user Kwamikagami : appears to be systematically replacing all instances of Odia in Wikipedia not just article titles with Oriya even though Odia is the official and now oft-used variant of the word.

He has pointed me to the discussion on this page which pertains solely to the article title. I don't see the sense in this and I don't see any consensus on such a site-wide move. Thank you. What is under question is the use of the official and now mainstream variant Appreciate meaning in odia article text and contrasting consistent spelling with organic growth.

And IMO, the "general usage" that is being bandied about in this thread as meabing as in the "move" discussions is based on rather flimsy arguments. All may not require change, but I am confident many will to maintain consistency within the encyclopedia. It defines Oriya as the "Former term for Odia ". Collins Dictionary too similarly prefers Odia to Oriya and considers the latter the dated alternative of the former.

Here is an alternative comparison of 'Odia' and 'Oriya' confined to India alone. While the Orissa article was moved to Odisha in Januarythe language article has not been similarly updated. This is both inconsistent and confusing. I could go on. But I believe that this is sufficient evidence to support the move. Comment As a linguist, I ocia this discussion and got a wince in my head. We need to stick to the relevant facts: Oriya is historically used, Odia is being phased in, that sort of thing.

Please stop speculating on what it "should" be because there isn't even an International Phonetic Alphabet letter for it. Ogress smash! If someone can fix, that would be great. I'll try to look for it tonight to check the details on O's phonetic inventory. As a native speaker of the Odia language, I am very happy to see that Wikipedia has finally changed the spelling to Odia.

Strangely, many users Appreciate meaning in odia happen to be non-native speakers had been arguing over this. This ni sure funny. A word in one language may mean differently in other language. Also, the "di" in Odia is absolutely not the same as the "di" in India. From where did you get the idea? India is pronounced with the hard "d" sound, where the toungue fully touches the palate.

The "di" in Odia is the retroflex sound and not the hard 'd' sound, where the toungue does not fully touch the palate. In Odia 'd', we roll the tongue.

But in India 'd', we stick the tongue to the palate. It is just that Appreciafe Latin alphabet is insufficient to represent all sounds. Also, no one in India says Oriya with the 'r' sound.

People outside India do NOT know the language, so they followed Apprecjate "wrong" spelling and pronunciation. Spelling and pronunciation mistakes are ought Gay chat sex be taught and corrected.

This is a mistake. Similarly, pronouncing Oriya with the hard 'r' sound is a mistake. How would you feel if I pronounce "English" as "ingliss"? Or "Wikipedia" as "bikipedia"? This is how many people from Odisha tend to pronounce these words due to localization. But gradually sites are changing. Even Fedora changed it's font name Lohit-Oriya. ,eaning shall gradually replace Oriya soon in the future. We need to give time. Also I was amused that when Orissa was quickly changed to Odisha, what was wrong with Odia.

Odisha too had that r vs d issue, isn't it? Then how come there was no such argument? Isn't this hypocrisy? Now with Wikipedia changing the kn, soon the English and Spanish speaking world will realise that it is actually Odia and not Oriya. And please, don't self educate yourselves regarding any language without confirming it with a native speaker.

Anwesh pati talk18 July UTC. While I see a lot of discussion about things like whether we should use "Odia" or "Oriya" etc. It is not comprehensive - missing many people, styles, etc. Even the chronology of Odia Literature seems to have been invented without odiia scholarly reference. The content is arbitrary, opinionated, confusing and feels like a school child would have done a better job.

I can go on and on but this is very amateurish attempt written in a hurry to satisfy someone or some institution. The whole content should be scrapped, go to the meannig board, start from square one, outline what needs to be included, do odiz research, provide comprehensive views not just one person's and provide clear citations and references for everything Sorry, this doesn't cut it for me and I'm sure for many others who are interested and vested in Odia literature.

Jajabara talk19 July UTC. They are from reputed sources of information which clearly writes the exact what Wikipedia page is saying. One would not doubt by reading them that mentioned information in the article may be wrong.

Rather than ruin an article better improve it. Diptiprakashpalai talk10 March UTC. From first glance, it seems to me like a lot of these tribal languages mentioned as dialects are Appreciate meaning in odia actually part of the Odia genetic macrofamily. Rather, they are tribal languages spoken IN Odisha state and I must say their inclusion has been nebulously explained they have been described inaccurately as "mixes" of Odia and different languages, etc.

While I appreciate the fact they may have been significantly influenced by Odia I don't know and that many contributors to this article are presumably speakers of these tongues who would like their language to be 'popularised', this is ultimately not the Naked gymnast com location Appreciate meaning in odia do it - these languages should be mentioned on the general Odisha page if anywhere and not categorised along with Odia or as part of the Odia macrofamily.

Unpaid dating sites am new to Wikipedia so I would like to somehow 'flag' this section for clean-up, to revert it to how it was before maning all these languages were erroneously and incongruously included. Or perhaps, when I have time, I Appreciate meaning in odia be cleaning up this article myself.

Just letting everybody know. Apologies for any offence called. I'm removing the Appreciaye that Odia is attested in "10th Millennium B. The Government of Odisha's publications are not acceptable sources for this claim: they have an obvious conflict of interest in proving that Odia is an 'ancient' classical language.

This needs independent, peer-reviewed scholarly sources. What happened with the citations for the phonology?

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Appreciate meaning in odia

Appreciate meaning in odia

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