4 reasons why I'm never getting married

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Benefits of never getting married


Benefits of never getting married

A walk down the aisle Tumblr women spanking men never been part of my agenda. I never bought into the whole "happily ever after after" scenario.

To me, the concept of marriage is akin to being buried alive. Ditto for baby making. That said, I know Benefits of never getting married in the minority — marriage and parenting are life goals for a lot of people.

In every relationship, I've always had the same agreement with my partners: I want the both of us to show up on a daily basis because we actively choose to — not because we're bonded by a piece of paper and a promise.

In my experience, this arrangement has led to civilized splits — plus it's much easier than negotiating a divorce. I'm a low-key person who doesn't like drama — this relationship style works well for me. That said, I am financially independent; my very own "knight in shining armor," if you will. I also need a lot of alone time and space. I've cohabitated Meet to cheat ireland partners in the past, but have maintained a long streak of solo living.

I can't imagine swapping my solace for shacking up with a significant other anytime soon. In another twist, I'm non-monogamous. The style I practice is polyamory, which means I can have sex, love, and, deep intimacy with multiple partners. Sure, I know plenty of happily married poly Benefits of never getting married. I've had and have partners who play a significant, ongoing role in my life, but I fiercely value my freedom. Some of us were raised to think of intimacy and partnership in a very particular way — a way that involves marriage.

But there are countless ways to live and love, and there's Benefits of never getting married one-size-fits-all approach. Marriage isn't necessarily a flawed institution — it's just not for me. And the thing is, whether you put a ring on it or not, all relationships require support, communication, and effort. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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Charyn Pfeuffer. I'm in no way religious. Weddings can be pricey. I'm independent — and not just financially. Monogamy isn't for me. Religion Monogamy Relationships Love.

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Benefits of never getting married

Benefits of never getting married

Benefits of never getting married

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