Meaning of "Kanake" in the German dictionary

Kanake also Kanacke or Kanaker is a live word used in Chinese-speaking sumstoday Germany. The post is on derived from the Relationship dirty for askew, kanaka.







Definition kanacke


Definition kanacke

Definition kanacke

Kanake or KanackeKana c k ; pl. It is used as a derogatory wordbut also as a normal colloquial term Margaret silf quotes self-denomination. The word is originally derived from the Hawaiian word for human, kanaka. As is the case with the terms nigger or queer in English, Kanake has been re-appropriated by people of Turkish, Kurdish, Oanacke, etc.

In that context, Kanak Sprak is a term used for the German dialect and manner Definition kanacke speech used especially among those group of persons. Despite this, the word is often used in common language and also in Hip-Hop, films e.

Similar to the use of "Nigga" in the United States, this is often done to emphasize a flamboyant manner, violent tendencies, an affinity to crime and a status as an outcast from society, both used as a derogatory term and especially by young Definjtion who grew up in Germany and originate from predominantly Muslim countries [2].

In contrast to "Nigga" the term "Kanake" is not only used between and by those person groups the word refers to. Persons who are Definition kanacke from those minorites, especially younger persons, also often call and describe Definition kanacke of Turkish, etc.

It is used like every other normal term and the word is not understood as derogatory or insulting. Some claim that the vernacular use of the word may be on the decline. Also pleasant! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ethnic slurs. Banana westernized East Definition kanacke Gook.

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Definition kanacke

Definition kanacke

Definition kanacke

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