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Dino merlin ruza


Dino merlin ruza

Dino merlin ruza

Dino is recognised duza his later solo work during which he established himself as rhza of Dinp best-selling regional artists of all time. During his career he has produced over a dozen chart-topping albums, [6] held several record-breaking tours, [7] won many awards including the April 6 Award of Sarajevo, [8] and has authored the first national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His mother Fatima, born and raised in Sarajevo, was a Muslim cleric. Dino attended the historic Moris Moco Salom elementary school where he was very active as a child, captaining its soccer, basketball and table tennis teams. On his mother's insistence, and contrary to his own wishes of attending music school, Dino enrolled into the Sarajevo Technic High School.

After school hours, he performed in a music duo with his childhood friend and keyboard player Mirsad Lutvica with whom Dinoo later established the band "Merlin". Although Dino's mother was against the idea of her son being a musician, she did help Dino buy his first guitar when he was 12 years old. He penned his first song when 14 years old.

Mirsad's younger brother Mensur Lutvica played the keyboards and went together with Dino to school. They soon became best friends and eventually became the founding members of the later band "Merlin". Mensur began accompanying Dino while performing on the streets of Sarajevo. He would later even become close friends with Goran Bregovicthe founder and primary songwriter of Bijelo Dugme.

Each of the five put a paper with his idea for a band name in a hat; the name "Merlin" was the first to be pulled out of the hat, and so the band was named after the legendary wizard. After completing his first semester at university, Dino soon dropped out in order to pursue music career. However, he did not have enough money to enter a recording studio.

It is during this time that he married his high-school sweetheart Amela, and soon found himself working two shifts a day at a metal factory in the suburbs of Sarajevo in order to support his newly formed marriage. Dino ended up working in the factory for a couple of years before earning enough money to consider making an album. All of the songs recorded were written by Dino while the fees of the recording were paid from Dino's personal funds.

During this time, Dino was rejected by every major record label in Sarajevo. At the same time, Dino's private funds were only enough for about 6 songs with the norm of the day being 10 songs for a proper album. After listening to the track a couple of times, Muradif offered Dino a contract with his record label "Sarajevodisk" on the spot Dinoo agreed to finance the remainder of the song recordings.

Eventually, Merlln was able to release its first album in Dino merlin ruza the leading single Kokuzna vremena - the same song which gave Dino and his band a ruxa into the music industry. During the war, several members of the band "Merlin" were killed in the attacks, including their long-time manager Dino merlin ruza Bisic with whom Dino was particularly close. Dino suffered a period of depression during which he contemplated abandoning music altogether.

Not long after the band dissolved, Merlin was invited by the state government Bill hemmer marriage Bosnia to write its Dino merlin ruza ever national anthem " Jedna si jedina ".

The song acted Dnio the state's national anthem until the late s. In he wrote the song and eventually participated in Bosnia's first Eurovision Song Contests, in Millstreet in The song was about the hardships the people in his home country were enduring during the war and called for peace. The album was the top-selling album in Bosnia and Herzegovina and was sold in all of the former Yugoslav republics.

The album eventually turned into a classic and became the highest selling album of Dino merlin ruza region in the last 30 years. Some estimates put the album sales at about 2, - a record breaking success considering that the whole population of Yugoslavia was about 20, people. The album featured a star-studded line up of Yoad NevoDino merlin ruza NilesHusnu Senlendirici and Pokimane sex tape other producers that have worked for globally renown music acts such as SugababesMorcheebaLisa EkdahlSophie Ellis-Bextor and many others.

It is the largest tour ever to have been produced by an artist from Southeast Europe. Dino resides in his hometown of Sarajevo, in the same house and street where he was born and raised, in the historic neighbourhood of Alifakovac.

He has two children. His daughter, Naida, earned her bachelor degree from Buckingham University and master degree at Oxford University. Dino is an avid chess player, skier, art collector and book reader. He is known for reading several books simultaneously. From Wikipedia, the Farmers only fake profiles encyclopedia.

Dino Merlin. Retrieved 30 May Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision Song Contest I Am Belarusian. Music of Southeastern Europe the Balkans. Albania performers Bosnia and Herzegovina Moriah mills pics Bulgaria performers Croatia performers Cyprus performers Greece performers Kosovo performers Moldova performers Montenegro performers North Macedonia performers Romania performers Serbia performers Slovenia performers Turkey fuza Yugoslavia performers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Merlin in May Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vocals, guitarbass guitarkeyboards. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dino Merlin. Bosnia and Herzegovina in DDino Eurovision Song Contest Participation to to Note: Entries scored out are when Bosnia and Herzegovina did not compete.

Note: All information are in order of appearance.

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Dino merlin ruza

Dino merlin ruza

Dino merlin ruza

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