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Does bulma like goku


Does bulma like goku

Does bulma like goku

Does bulma like goku

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But could their bulmw have ever been taken a step further, like a "together together" relationship? I've always had a weird feeling that deep down somewhere Bulma did have some kind of feelings for Goku but was never taken in that route due to Yamucha and Vegeta coming into the mix. So what do you guys think? If Yamucha and Vegeta were non-existent, could Bulma somehow fall for Goku somewhere along the line when he was older? PSN: gameperson23 Steam: dillynchadwick If you add me, please message me who you are.

Rocketman wrote: Also, Roshi blew up the Moon. He'd fuck up anybody in One Piece, Naruto, and probably Bleach. She realizes her feelings during the 23rd Budokai, and talks about how much she'd rather be with him than with Yamucha while on Namek. She was just a bit late to the party, and Goku got engaged a couple hours or so earlier. It was Chichi, Hoe dating site Yamucha or Vegeta, who'd have to be non-existant.

Nu kommer Super-Satan Does bulma like goku rydder op! Toriyama's old editor Mr. Torishima liked the idea of Goku and Bulma together. But if they Does bulma like goku have gotten together early on at some point, what would happen to Chi-Chi?

Would she end up with Vegeta or Yamcha somehow then? Or would she simply not resurface volumes later in that 23rd tournament at all?

Goku just whats to live a simple life Does bulma like goku it the woods, not in the big city. I think Chi Chi is way better for Goku. I'm not really sure if she ever seriously liked him that way, though She muses about golu now and then with stuff like, "hmm, maybe I missed my chance," but Even Oolong calls her out on her fickleness when she mentions it at the 23rd tournament.

Piccolo Daimaoh wrote: I don't think goou would work out, Bulma is too materialistic. Would've made for an interesting meeting between Huge tits dating and Goku.

So, who's your mother? It's Akira Toriyama's birthday. I think Goku wouldn't really care, but Bulma definitely would get pissed of about some of Goku's way of thinking I guess. If they broke up, it would Anderson bonner park address because of Bulma. Check out my art on Twitter! It was a throwaway comment. Nothing seriously indicates she had romantic feelings toward for the guy.

I would imagine that unless she's settled down, she would have a wandering eye. Granted, she wouldn't be like Yamcha, but she'd still likely keep her options open. Not that Chi-Chi is totally sucks. Does bulma like goku you might break a nail or somethin?

I am okay with this. He would just train in a gravity room like Vegeta all day. Battle Geek Plus amv.

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Does bulma like goku

Does bulma like goku

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