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Dominant and submissive symbols


Dominant and submissive symbols

The collar you wear is a Do,inant of your submission and your relationship with your Dominant. It can mean the same as a wedding ring or that you are submissive to them for a certain period of time. But is there something that you can give them that would work similarly? I don't believe so. When I think about why I value my collar, Dominant and submissive symbols importance I give it is one of treasure and connection.

It's a physical reminder that I am submissive to Linda thompson foster net worth who I care for and trust Dating service scotland. I can touch it in times of stress and know that it means he's not going anywhere and that I can relax in his gaze.

It really does mean a lot for me to be able to wear it. The collar is a symbol, it belongs to the Dominant but the submissive gets to wear it as a symbol of their ownership. That collar also works as a symbol of Dominance for the one who gave it, right? So in effect, the collar works as a relationship symbol and not one side or the other. Ask any Dominant what the collar means and it will mean ownership - to them.

If we dumb it down to an example of a dog and their owner, the Dominant and submissive symbols may have a collar as a symbol of ownership, but the owner doesn't need anything to remind them they own Dominant and submissive symbols dog.

The collar does that. The collar you wear is a symbol to the Dominant that they dominate you. A Dominant doesn't need a symbol to remind them that they are Dominant because you wear it. They see it on you and that's all the physical reminder they could need.

That's understandable. You can find gifts that will mean something special to them if you'd like, but don't expect that anything you give will have Dominnat same meaning as the collar you have. What other ideas do you have? Let me know ane the comments what your thoughts are on giving your Dominant something to symbolize the relationship.

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Dominant and submissive symbols

Dominant and submissive symbols

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