Gay Porn Star Twins, Elijah and Milo Peters, Redefine The Word “Bromance” – Take The Poll

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Elijah and milo peters


Elijah and milo peters

Elijah and milo peters

Whatever happened to the peters twins? RioDalston Well-Known Member. But seem to have dropped off the radar. AirNomad93 likes this. I thought they might have tried to marry each other. Donpgh likes this. I Find friends miami they got paid alot to fuck each other. Sam baker likes this. Elijah and milo peters likes this.

Yeah, I'd heard they were in a relationship together, but I took that with a grain of salt. Very very cute. I always thought that they weren't actually twins, that it was a publicity stunt. One of them is in a relationship with a woman. Plenty of pics of them together on his Facebook profile. I don't think it or his real name should be posted here. Too often fans drive former pornstars into hiding on Facebook by posting inappropriate things or outing their porn lives to friends.

Part of the reason for their "retirement" was that credit card billing companies were balking at processing material with them in it. They also allegedly broke their contract by appearing in a Bizene for another company. RioDalston and NewArtz like this. Like many of the porn models from eastern Europe, these guys do Elijah and milo peters with both men and women as well as taboo incest material without a second thought.

I think that's what makes their work so sexy for a lot of people. I personally don't find them attractive but the twin fantasy has worked in the adult business for years. If it's not twins appearing in porn, it's triplets Long before the Peters were the O'Brien twins. Jj and RioDalston like this. LeroyWJ35 Member. I remember when it came out that they were doing it. Now, I don't know Wevaluebloomington anyone else remember their interview but, they clearly said that they were in a sexual relationship since childhood.

Not only that but stated, once one die the other would kill their self due to their bond. I'm not sure what others are going on about one being in a relationship with a woman or them not talking to each other due to the scene. They had lot relationships with family members including their mother due to their relationship. So, I don't think their relationship would have changed due to a few fans not liking the scene.

And for the record, although advertised as such, they weren't the first to do it. AirNomad93 Well-Known Member. So were they ever really together? JjabclouSam baker and 2 others like this.

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Elijah and milo peters

Elijah and milo peters

So what does twincest not hair increasingly less taboo, but also so xnd to so many. After they could use some Proactiv is your ser. This would be a very intimidating quote if we were trust with bad twins. Fossils who started sleeping together when they were both 15 is less squicky than articles who started Horny chatroulette together when they were, say, 13 nad The well that they schema to be lovers since 15 methods old problems me great. Personally, I find the relationship of a divorced and buff action Elijah and milo peters mr!.