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But then they sit there wondering who should lead. People talk a lot about bullies because they are being bullied. Here's the stream - too hard to follow on twitter. Thanks for the post. I think much of what Palast said is spot on. Additionally we had Comey, Russian hacks. I agree with you about Palast. GOP suppression and other malarkey should be enough to. OK I'm following in line behind this guy. Not saying everyone should have the same strategy, but I like him.

And if we were serious that is what Sex discussion forum in pakistan should do. We should have prepared for the voter suppression tactics.

NC republicans loved the fact AA turn out was low - this is beyond sick. Cathouse calgary cover charge he is correct on all points, I also endorse his twitter profile pic. Do it now. For America and for democracy. Grow a frikken spine. Amen Al Gore put himself behind the eight ball by conceding at breakneck speed in a still razor close election.

That kicked off a dangerous trend. But then they sit there wondering who should lead Maybe that type of person naturally is republican? When it comes down to fighting dirty we are too virtuous to do it. He is right. They would be making an even bigger effort. You rarely hear the FR reference bullying. They know what works.

Here's the stream - too hard to follow on twitter Elliott Lusztig ezlusztig 27 Nov 1. Here is what Republicans would be doing today. And it's what WE should be doing. They only need Ezlusztig or three examples.

Once they've found their cases of voter fraud, the ENTIRE right-wing media gets in sync behind the narrative of highlighting these cases.

Once they've established this happens, then they start making up numbers - say, 3 million. Soon everyone is using this invented number. In our case, of course, millions of people WERE disenfranchised. The Clinton team should quietly spearhead and effort to document GOP voter suppression all over this country. Our post-mortem should be entirely about how the GOP wins elections by preventing our base from voting.

Because it's true. All on the same page. We drown GOP talk of 'mandate' in a steady drip drip drip of egregious acts of voter suppression which we all know are occurring.

We also, by doing this, keep public attention focused on reversing GOP voter suppression efforts in the future. Does anyone doubt we can do this? It's actually easy. Do you doubt we have the guts and nous to do this? The way forward is pretty damn clear. Our leaders will either commit themselves to it or we will go down without a fight. Forget the hacking stuff, forget the conspiracy stuff, forget Russians, this recount, this review of the ballots and decision about which ballots are being thrown out and disqualified by the tens of thousands swamps trumps plurality in several states.

Joy - Could the throwing out of absentee ballots combined with the Ezlusztig people off the voter roles and combined with not counting provisional ballots account for the difference from the exit polls and votes tallied? Palast - Yes. Disqualified ballots is the real purpose of this recount. Joy - It's not the Russians, look at the republicans.

Who hacked the congressional dem sites? Who hacked DU? I'm Chatroulette 2 asking you, only throwing out the questions.

Additionally we had Comey, Russian hacks sharing the data with Wikileaks for publication, etc. I hope that we can find or create a group that will work on this crosscheck mess and other voter suppression causes.

We need to turn it around by midterm. We've known about crosscheck suppression since at least and it's still screwing the voter. As for the machine calibration Maybe moving them around, back and forth etc causes some of it. It will take court cases and time. I loathe the idea of waiting for another election to fix this. There may not be another election if Trump and Putin are running our country.

I'm following in line behind this guy. Al Gore put himself behind the eight ball by conceding at breakneck speed in a still razor close election.

Maybe that type of person naturally is republican? Ezlusztig Lusztig ezlusztig 27 Nov 1.

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