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Fallout 3 bittercup


Fallout 3 bittercup

Fallout 3 bittercup

Fallout 3 bittercup

Bittercup is one of the citizens of Big Town in Fallout She has Fallout 3 bittercup retreated into a one-woman subculture of her own making, spending time applying makeup and wearing dark clothing instead of guarding the town against attack.

She has been involved with all of the men in Big Town at one point or another. She had a romantic interest in Pappywhom she left after arriving in Big Town, believing that he was a liar. Japonesas casadas infieles will give the player a random selection of items if you visit her in Big Town. On rare occasions, this item may be stimpaks. Bittercup Fallout 3 bittercup in Fallout 3and as a legendary vault dweller in Fallout Shelter.

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HumanCaucasian. Big Town. Bittercup's dialogue. Derived Stats. Base ID. Ref Bittedcup. Jan Johns. Big Trouble in Big Town. Merc adventurer outfit.

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Fallout 3 bittercup

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