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Free tica check


Free tica check

Your name may have been placed on a tenancy database at the end of a tenancy. Free tica check Residential Tenancies Authority provides information on the reasons why a tenant can be listed on a tenancy database. The database helps landlords and agents decide if prospective tenants are likely to fall behind on rent or damage the property.

Beware that calls to database phone lines may be charged by the minute. Only tenants named on the tenancy agreement can be listed on a tenancy database. Current or proposed listings can be challenged by:. A dispute about a listing on the grounds it does not meet the approved criteria must be initiated within 6 months of the tenant becoming Free tica check of the listing.

Please use our complaints and compliments form. Am I listed on a tenancy database? Removing your name Only tenants named on the tenancy agreement can be listed on a tenancy database.

Keep a copy of Free tica check correspondence in case of future disputes lodging a Dispute resolution request Form 16 with the Residential Tenancies Authority Dispute Resolution Service to Pressed clothing boutique help with negotiating an agreement about your proposed listing applying directly to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to make the person or agency remove your listing on the database, or alter the listing as appropriate make sure you get any changes in writing.

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Free tica check

Free tica check

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