Dentist PickUp Lines

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Funny dentist pick up lines


Funny dentist pick up lines

Looks like you've got a hole that needs filling. I'm a dentist, why don't you lie back and let me fill your cavities. Funny dentist pick up lines contains zinc and calcium, both of which are proven to prevent tooth decay. I wish you Well hello dating site my teeth, so I could grind you in my sleep.

Is your father a dentist? Because you have a beautiful smile. It's time to probe your gaps. You must be a dentist, because I Funny dentist pick up lines smile without you. You're so sweet that I'm getting a toothache just looking at you. Use dental floss? How about me hiring you as my personal coach sometime over lunch? Stick your tongue out farther for me. My next appointment is 6 months from now? Any chance of seeing you sooner, maybe over coffee?

Suck on this for just a second. Your teeth are pretty. You look like you floss regularly. Wanna get drilled? Pick Up Lines Galore! Dentist Pick Up Lines.

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Funny dentist pick up lines

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