Alabama Man Gets Sister Pregnant After Unknowingly Having Sex With Her During ‘furry’ Party

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Furry incest


Furry incest

This story has no description. It's literally just a story about a daughter and father fucking in both mental and physical. Hai there! My name is Essence. I'm 17 years old and am currently living with my father 'Fang'. I don't believe his name really is Fang, but I don't bother asking. Why don't I think my fathers name is Fang? To be honest I guess it's because of our looks?

He looks nothing like me. Back on track! I am an averaged sized Furry with a rare color of fur and eyes. My light fur coat is purple and my eyes are a neon purple. A much paler shade of purple goes from my chest and down. If you haven't already guessed. Others gave me the nickname 'purple'.

It's stuck with me for the rest of my life now. I also have strange white symbols on either of my shoulders and outer thighs. Furry incest including me understands Xlovecam mobile those markings even are, but they seem to glow a little with certain emotions. When I'm angered, the symbols glow red. When I'm sad, the symbols glow blue.

I'm pretty sure you get the rest. Anyways, enough with the introductions! I awake from my bed with a yawn. It was early in the morning and I knew I had to get up for school.

Normally I would wake up an hour later then I was Furry incest to, but today. I scratch my shoulder a bit and pull the bed covers off of me. I get Furry incest my bed and stretch with a happy smile. Today really did feel different. It felt. I don't really know how it felt but it just felt different then usual. I look over at my body mirror that Furry incest against my bedroom wall and walk over to it. I stand in front of it and Free sex flash games regret that decision.

I looked terrible! My fur on one side of my face was flattened while the other side stood on an end. I groan in annoyance and shake myself from head to toe. My tail curls around my waist as I let out a sigh. I don't look too bad now. An oversized pink T shirt and a pair of black soft laced panties.

I never seem to be happy with what I wear. Jeans are tight and aren't very comfortable to wear. Leggings are too stretchy and thin. I walk over to my dresser and open the underwear drawer.

From lightest to darkest. I choose one of Furry incest lighter colored ones. A very light pink pair is what I chose. I shut the underwear drawer and now open the drawer where I keep my bra's. Just like the underwear drawer, they were sorted from lightest to darkest.

I hear a groan come from my daughter Essence's room. That means she was getting dressed for something. She always does that when waking up for some reason. I sigh Cathy stern little as I get up from my bed and stretch with a yawn. I walk over Bbw london ontario my bedroom door and open it. I walk down the hall which led to the main living room.

In the other room right across from it was the kitchen. I enter the kitchen to get a drink of water. A water bottle sat on the counter. Not bothering to figure out who's it was, I take it and drink from it. I set the bottle of water back on the counter and shake myself from head to toe.

It's something all us furries do to straighten out or fix our fur when it's messy. I hear the sound of a phone notification. It wasn't mine so I'm guessing it was my daughters. I leave it be and walk back down the hall. I knock on the bathroom door before walking in. I exit the bathroom only to bump into Joel osteen 698 daughter Essence who stood outside the door. I chuckle a little and step to the side.

She wore a skin tight white T shirt and grey yoga pants. It looked like she did something to her hair, but at the same time it looked the same as usual. Were you going in there? Essence shakes her head a bit and says "no.

We both smile at each other as she started a conversation. I really don't feel like going. I question her back with "why don't you want to go to school?

I thought you loved going to school. And looked away a bit. I began to feel concerned about her. She just shakes her head and looked down. She finally looks up at me. Though I didn't get the look I expected. A light blush had spread across her face and her eyes were wide. My nose twitches and I tilt my head at her. She finally responds. Though yet again I didn't get what I expected from her. Furry incest was surprised to here my own daughter call me by my first name. I looked down into her eyes to try and see any sign of difference.

Once at the ages of fourteen and fifteen. Then other at the ages of eighteen to nineteen. As far as I know. I'm guessing she's starting late. I need you to listen to me. I sigh and ruffle her hair. I look as Essence shifts in her feet and stared up at me with big eyes. I sigh a little and stretch with a yawn. It was still pretty early, and I really didn't want to go back to bed.

My body was hot. My breathing was heavy, and my vision was blurred a little. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn't like it. At first it was just a small feeling that I assumed would go away soon, but.

I was changing into morning cloths. Yoga pants and my favorite skin tight white T shirt.

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Furry incest

Furry incest

Furry incest

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