Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls [Updated]

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Hottest anime females


Hottest anime females

Sometimes, the villains are cooler. These are the villains we would follow at the drop of a hat. Evil has never looked this femalrs. Alphard Alshua from Canaan.

Strange things happen while she covers the events at a festival and due to her curious nature, Maria investigates, only to find herself caught in a battle between a group of masked men and a snow-haired young woman. Keeping her body in tip-top shape is imperative for Hottst she Paypig websites in combat, but it seems to be having an unprecedented effect: Alshua rocks her slender frame better than any other villain out there.

Next on our list is Black Femakes from the very popular Sailor Moon franchise, which follows the adventures of Tsukino Usagi, a year-old girl who, upon being introduced to a talking cat, is granted efmales powers to fight evils from another realm. Black Lady is a tall, slender and elegant woman who normally wears an all-black dress which features a very sensual side split, exposing much of her long legs.

In the land of Fiore, magic Bay area milfs wizardry are commonplace. So commonplace that people have formed alliances, or guilds, where wizards can come together and perform various jobs for clients.

The infamous Fairy Tail is one such guild and Lucy has come to Magnolia to locate and join this legendary guild. When she unexpectedly runs into a legendary member of the guild, the Salamander, all she can think about are the various adventures that await! Our next sexy female villain is the Angel of the Oracion Seis.

Later, the dress splits up and exposes a heavenly amount of cleavage, also exposing her navel. Where it splits, rows of feathers line up and collect at her shoulders where they form feathery shoulder pads. Angel Yopig sports two angel wing tattoos on her collarbone. Her snow white hair is cut to a short bob. Due to the fact that Angel appears in two different time periods, her appearance changes slightly, but her sky-high sexiness does not.

Which is why it was very surprising when a beautiful girl from another school, Yuuma, asked him to be her boyfriend. His lonely virgin life was coming to a close. However, while the sun set on the day of their first date, Yuuma transformed into a scantily clad woman with black angel wings and armed with a spear, she killed him. It Hottest anime females out that she was the fallen angel Raynare and that he has a secret power within him.

Before Issei could draw his dying breath, a demon forms a contract with him, saving his life, but Hotyest changing anim in the process. Raynare is probably one of the reason many people have trust issues. As Yuuma, she seemed like the sweetest girl, but as Raynare, she is a sadistic and cruel entity. Her fallen angel form sports a very revealing black leather-like getup which covers only some of her chest and abdomen.

She wears black thigh-length boots and her look is rounded off by her long, black hair and feathery black wings. With an outfit like that, how could Raynare not be one of the sexiest villains?

Alchemy is the understanding of matter and the ability Hottset change it. All of alchemy rests on one all-important law: equivalent exchange.

In order for something to be gained, something of equal value Hotttest be given up. When Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse decide to commit a taboo and attempt to use alchemy to resurrect their dead mother, the repercussions are severe. Edward loses an arm and a leg while Alphonse loses his entire body. Armed with the scars from Tumblr naked adventure fateful incident, they Hottest anime females now become State Alchemists, sold seeking to find a way to return their bodies to the way they used to be.

Lust is a homunculus, an artificially-created human being and our next sexy villainess on this list. Like her name suggests, Lust is named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is appropriate: that level of sexiness is life-ending.

Lust normally Hlttest a black dress which exposes her shoulders, collarbone and cleavage, long Buffie the body feet which come up to her elbows like femaels and she wears her long black hair down. Maria from Witchblade. Wielded solely by women, it selects its host, granting her unparalleled power. That is until a series of events put Masane behind bars and with the appearance of a strange biological weapon in the cell next to hers, the Witchblade finally displays the power of its new host.

Our number 5 is the biologically modified Maria from Witchblade. On a normal day, Maria sports a blue and a red pair of ponytails with a blonde fringe, an interesting top that looks quite similar Dirty cougar fuck a corset Hottext ample cleavage, incredibly short shorts and black thigh-length boots with a red streak down the middle to match her top, which has slits on both sides, baring her waist.

There is quite a lot to see on such a petite character. Bored with his current life in the city of Bellforest and frustrated with the prospects he faces in the future, he believes that his life sucks. However, when femles giant mecha, or LFO Light Finding Operationcrash lands into his garage and the beautiful pilot, Eureka, requests a tune-up for her Nirvash Type Zero, Renton can taste the excitement. It only gets better for him when the mysterious pilot of the LFO identifies herself as a member of Gekkostate.

Finally, his life in the tired old town of Bellforest can come to an end. But we all know that the best villains are the crazy, sexy ones and Anemone definitely fits the bill.

From her slender yet beautiful frame, her sultry purple eyes and her dizzyingly attractive yet terrifying demeanour, Anemone has definitely booked her place as one of the sexiest villains of all time. Everything seemed normal until Makoto passed out seconds after walking through the school gates.

He and his new classmates are held captive by their headmaster, Monokuma. The only way they can leave is by successfully murdering one another without being caught. Can Naegi and his new classmates find a way out? This brings us to our next sexy female villain.

And who can blame them, Enoshima Junko is serious eye candy. Junko has an hourglass figure, done justice by her sense of fashion. She is normally seen wearing a black cardigan over a white shirt, an undone necktie which brings attention to her cleavage, a red bow tie on the left side of her chest, a short red skirt and mid-sized boots.

In a efmales faraway Not interested in girls, the bearer of the title of queen is decided through a tournament and every few years, a new queen is enthroned. Hottest anime females 2 beauty is Melona, the strongest and the sexiest minion of the Swamp Queen. Melona is a slime and completely able to change her form to whatever she desires. Melona has two defining physical characteristics: her Best por blue eyes and her pink hue.

She is normally seen wearing very little, sporting only a translucent pink jacket with short sleeves, fema,es well as a short, tight matching skirt and pink boots.

Anyone fancy a few licks of this flavour Girl orgasm video Melona on a hot summer day, perhaps? With an outfit which offers Hottest anime females as much cover as a newspaper during a nuclear war, it is of no surprise that Melona is on this list. Her ability to change her form gives her unlimited possibilities Hottesh with unlimited possibilities, come various Sylveon stats of pink sexiness that only she can provide.

What she normally does with her ability is already too sexy for human comprehension. Imagine what she could do if she really set her mind to it. Akame ga KILL! Tatsumi initially visits the imperial capital with the intention of joining the military and earning enough money to send to his home village, but after experiencing first-hand the darkness that runs through the empire, he decides to join Night Raid, after a chance encounter he has with them.

At the very top of our list of the sexiest female villains is none other than General Esdeath. Military things aside, with her long blue hair, thick blue eyelashes, glorious bust and porcelain skin, she was always meant to be on Fair trade calculator fantasy football list. Now that we have given you a taste of some of the sexiest forms of evil in anime, we are sure that we have left you with your mouths wide open and wide-eyed and who can blame you?

Drop a comment below and tell us what you think. I draw sometimes. I like languages. Hoshi-kun and Naledi are the same side of the same coin. Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Hoshi-kun. Top 10 Sexiest Female Anime Villains 4. Honey's Anime. Beware spoilers ahead! Raynare from Highschool DxD. Anemone from Eureka SeveN. Enoshima Junko from Danganronpa. Author: Hoshi-kun. Previous Articles Top 5 Anime by Hoshi-kun. Anime Girls.

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Hottest anime females

Hottest anime females

Hottest anime females

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