Jalebi Review: Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra's Jalebi is insipid!

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Jalebi review


Jalebi review

When they Jalebi review into each other on a train journey, flashbacks abound of how Aysha Rhea Chakraborty met Dev Varun Mitra. He is currently married to Anu Digangana and even has a young daughter.

Seeing him settled makes Aysha question whether he really loved her. Or was Jalebu just imagining that she was once Jalevi a happy place? She is talented, Jalebi review, an author, an advertising whiz and God reivew knows what else.

Yet, she falls for a simple guy like Dev, who is happy playing a guide and living in a haveli along with his mother and sister.

That she is impulsive — takes action first and then thinks it over — is understandable. She is emancipated puffs Jalebi review a cigarette to prove her point and is an attention-seeker, who will go to any lengths to grab it. Dev is diametrically opposite and fully Top 50 dating websites to her, except when she asks him to leave his mother and haveli behind.

And then, she sits with her father and friends and rues the day she left him. God, this is one complex character with a dog-in-the-manger attitude. She will neither live nor will she let live. When she meets her man on the train journey, she is distraught having lost him Jlebi another woman. And yet, Jalebbi do not feel too sorry for her because rreview fail to understand why she messed up her marriage in the first place!

Of revifw performances, Rhea passes muster. Newcomer Varun seems comfortable in his Jlaebi big-screen outing. Music from the Bhatts is usually mellifluous. However, on the downside, all their songs sound alike. You could just interchange the actors lip-syncing to them and no one will bother.

Another Bhatt trademark is that the dialogue must give as much emphasis to the word jism body as it does to dil heart. Guys, this Jalebi review an age-old trick that you have already overused. It went out with Mallika Sherawat! If you have a sweet tooth, dig into a box of jalebis. This movie cannot satiate your appetite! Jalebi Jalebi review poster. Written By Meena Iyer. Verdict: If you have a sweet tooth, dig into a box of jalebis.

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Jalebi review

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