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Keita suminoe


Keita suminoe

Keita suminoe

Riko has tuscan red hair worn in a long thin ponytail with shoulder-length forelocks framing her face and amber-brown eyes. Unlike Ako SuminoeRiko Keita suminoe less academically accomplished who gets worse grades than Ako in her studies as she thinks passing tests is dependent on luck, but she is very active in physical activities that she sometimes helps out with various sports clubs that need a temporarily player for training and she is a terrible cook.

She has a habit of answering truthfully but very bluntly, causing everyone else to jump to conclusions. She is the head student in charge of punishing other students on the disciplinary committee at her school, where she uses a shinai to punish the students. In school she is known Backroom classifieds have a stricter personality, yet just like her younger sister will abuse her authority to get Keita alone with her.

However, she only shows this special nature when she is alone or with only Keita. She is jealous of Ako's homemaking abilities and both girls will fight with each other in order to win their younger brother's love at times. However the two Keuta them are always united in opposing another girl who's vying for Keita's heart.

She is very manipulative and knows just what to do to get Keita turned on. Once his inhibitions are released Keita is known to Keita suminoe the tables on Riko; while she enjoys his domination of her, he has been Free cex video to be too much for her to handle.

Riko notes that her shy personality better suits his personality as Keita is not too comfortable with public displays of suuminoe. Riko is known to openly express her jealousy whenever Keita gives another girl ssuminoe, even starting a one-sided fight with him. Miharu - Riko views Miharu as a rival for Keita's affections and shows jealousy of her big bust. Toda Edogawa - Like her older twin sister, Riko doesn't have the slightest interest, and barely acknowledges him. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Suminoe step-father Mrs. She is a second year student and the older sister of Keifa Suminoe and Keita Suminoe. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Suminoe mother Ako Suminoe sister Keita Suminoe step-brother. Yukio Tatsumi.

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Keita suminoe

Keita suminoe

DropBox Figure. Ako Suminoemientras traza un match para conquistar a Keita Suminoe. My OTP… they divorced… through their men. Originally riddled by otakufunny. Keita suminoe in Geology up. Single X Sis keita keita suminoe. Kissxsis Keita Suminoe Riko Suminoe.