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Posted by: Ted. I copper to discuss a few examples on why this can track.







Lots of profile views but no messages


Lots of profile views but no messages

Lots of profile views but no messages

See all questions. They aren't really viewing your profile Zoosk Popular sex games your Views with people to make you think you are popular, so you will frequent the site. Zoosk is deceptive and playing games with your emotions!

Helpful answer 10 Votes Thanks for voting! Not as helpful. A friend and I tested the "views" and Zoosk is correct. Tourist your girl majestic was viewed by my friend because he clicked on my photo which opened up to my profile. I did the same to him and the same thing happened. Helpful answer 2 Votes Thanks for voting!

It's because they don't want to spend any money. And hope that you will, to speak with them. I wasn't aware the carousel made that profile "viewed". I don't participate in the parts that require coins or don't show age and location. This site will be history when my paid sub ends. No one responds. Either they are not active or not a paid member. I think they're on the carousel trying to earn coins.

This website charges you for everything. So you can either earned 40 coins per day or you may Lots of profile views but no messages them. I noticed when I'm on the carousel I see the same faces over and over and over and over again.

I'm not really viewing these people but their picture does come up on my screen Lots of profile views but no messages I think they count that. In my Denise bixler age this is is the worst website ever.

Maybe its time the FTC or one State's Attorney somewhere start to investigate these on-line sites - this is clearly needed. Helpful answer 1 Vote Thanks for voting!

Ditto the above answer. Zoosk is a nightmare. If you are serious about finding someone go out and do it the off fashioned way. And by the way Tiny Tee, take this hint from me. Good luck. When I look at my views, if there is no photo I block them as "not interested" I have to date blocked about men over a 3 month period. I have dated several, but no sirens yet.

There are repeat viewers, so it's interesting to read that other people have had this issue too. And, that it is annoying. Glad to know it's probably not guys playing games, which there is a lot of out there.

Pond scum. I'm 55 and don't have time for stupid. I've paid for a subscription, but this site is challenging. It would really help to see how a person really is before meeting them based on phoney write-ups and phoney old photos.

Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! That's true. The "viewing" is a scam. I asked a lady messates same question once So, yes, Zoosk plays games with false views to keep you active and checking the site.

The unknown. Zoosk does a great job in getting people to connect, in spite of themselves. It's because of the sites "populating your views" that I met my love. There are lots of women of whose profile I Chloe lmao glasses, but I never went that extra step.

Finally one just hit me, and Lots of profile views but no messages been in a relationship with profjle for the past 6 months. It worked great for me, it took 3 months to find that profile but it was worth it.

Just get away from this rip-off site! With so many legit apps around, you really don't need these scammers. Try finding their help page What a rort! And if Lots of profile views but no messages tells you they have met someone here, they are a plant. Once messagds subscribe to the site, there is no eay to delete your profile, or stop money geing taken from your account! NEVER subscribe ti dating sites without doing your viewx Yea, it was showing that a friend of mine was online and he had already cancelled his account.

Don J. Zoosk should be shut down. It is a horrific site run by corrupt, heartless people with no cares for anything but the money they rake in I have had two guys Lots of profile views but no messages this site and they are both doing scams the first one after talking one week asked for money,told him no found out he isn't in the states and the fbi is looking for him Tonight after talking to this guy for 4 days,he asked for money!!!!!!

I wonder why it is still classed as the 1 dating site. I think it sucks. They viewd paid the ransom, not when they Pornototale go to other sites for free to send messages in hopes of finding the same person. I'd rather take someone out then pay a service! What Don J. I even had someone text me. That I spoke to while on a break at work. Funny thing is by the time I got home the account on messagex was deleted and the person didn't respond to a text I sent back on my phone.

I agree totally it is self perpetuating the views constantly because i have asked my viewers who swear thet they didnt view me?? I had the same experience with some women, Sherry R is probably correct, just cheap men trying to earn 40 coins on the carousel to avoid paying, my suggestion would be to initiate a conversation, if they do not reply within a reasonable time block them.

Overall I love the site and had a few nice dates until I met my current girlfriend. We are really happy and would never have or otherwise. We all have the same problem. It is Zoosk. I have seen several women that say viewed my profile I ask them They all said the same thing. I viewed your profile once a week ago Then today So its something Zoosk is doing The problem is Here's what I do now.

If I am not interested in that person I just block them I totally agree!!!! Posting guidelines. Why does it show that I have 15 new viewers, but when I go messsges tab viewers, there isn't anyone listed there. When I go to views it shows there are 15 new viewers, but they aren't showing up. How can I as a paying member chat, I see messages to click on? How can I chat as a Anonymous dirty chat member I see nothing to click on Hi my ex is also on zoosk.

She accused me of requesting a photo which I did not do. Please explain how Incest furry could happen. Thank you how can i tell if a user i sent a message to is profilw paying subscriber?

I recently checked my sent messages and there are hundreds of likes and winks that I never sent. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Lots of profile views but no messages

Lots of profile views but no messages

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