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This site is running the same tactics as other dating sites running scams such as creating fake profiles to get men to sign up to their dating sites. For the record this site is Clickandflirt com login in a fraudulent manner. The creation of phony profiles is nothing new but this reviews exposes this site for deceptively trying to trick men Michelle_parker discreetmail signing up for a membership.

For seasoned dating reviewers it's easy to spot scams. All these women "liked" our profile. It's very difficult to think that these 4 women would even need to be on this dating to meet men.

Also take into account that the profile created for this review was empty. You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us? Reading and digging into to Michelle_parker discreetmail terms and conditions it started to make sense. First we found out that XCheaters is involved in the creation of dating profiles that they then use on their site.

These profiles are not real and are used for marketing purposes. Some of the "marketing purposes" that these dating profiles are used for include making it appear as if they "liked" you. Then when you go look at who "liked you" you will see a list of women all of who supposedly are interested you. If you try to communicate back then need to upgrade to do send an email to the girl you want to email. It starts to become clear why we are receiving these fake likes from nonexistent women.

The site is involved in a scheme to trick men into upgrading to communicate with nonexistent women so they can make money off of your ignorance. On top of the fake "likes" we also received 7 emails see evidence below from girls who do not exist. What about you? If you don't know any better you may have thought you hit the gold mine but of course it's a scam. Another method used to trick people into buying membership is the use of paid employees to chat with you, send you emails and instant messages.

This is a proven fact and is discussed directly on the terms and conditions page. Michelle_parker discreetmail website will go to any length to deceive people and using phony instant messages and fake emails from paid employees is just their version of drumming up business. Even though this is completely deceptive, fraudulent and possibly illegal they have no uneasy feeling s or qualms about ripping off honest people like you.

You have a better chance of meeting women on a gay site that you do on XCheaters. With all the various deceptions they use there is no way to meet real women here. C heck out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women.

All rights reserved. Yes xcheaters is a rip off. I wish you would have found this scam report on Xcheaters. Thanks for commenting it is appreciated. I say class action lawsuit put these people behind bars write your legislators to pass laws and Filipinadatingsite these people behind bars. Will you help to organize? Re: SomeGuySays… That's exactly what should be done with all of them.

We must stop tolerating all internet fraud. Datingbusters should not be trusted either. They recommend Fbook, but Fbook uses stolen images of bonafide porn stars and pretends they are all from the area of your IP address. Makes me real suspicious that the people behind Datingbusters are really Quest chat dallas competing theives.

I totally agree with jjoy. Online you're onurown. Hard to get any law to work here. It will come, but not b4 I've gone viral. These guys operate Michelle_parker discreetmail the law, the untouchables.

Who knows, are they real, official, sponsored, government Lesbian phone numbers 2019. To check credentials online takes an enormous amount of time and resources.

And savvy! People that know computer talk are untouchable, to us. It's all we've got and that's why the Nigerian scam has been so successful 4 so long, 2 decades now.

This dating scam is nothing to write home about. Still, who agrees it should be forced to move it's accountability to the mainland.? I'll be glad to help in any way I can. These bastards sold my phone to an inmate in South Carolina that ran up my cell bill until my provider caught on and blocked them. Warning to all others.

Never associate your phone to an account. I had sent xpickup an email regarding them making "Cupid accounts" aka profiles made to entice the user to get them to open up and respond. I can assure there are hundreds of thousands of real users on Str8upgayporn com site. The proof is that people all over the world write 'thank you' emails to the help desk daily because they found someone.

They create fake accounts with false information and try to collect email addresses by sending out 'likes' or some even upgrade with stolen credit card information in order to spam other members Nicole johanntgen our message feature. Our fraud department blocks close to users daily because of this however there are always some who slip through our anti-fraud system. Members can always send us a username or use the 'report' button at the top right of the profile page and our fraud department will investigate.

A quick check of taking a few photos from the site and run them thru a reverse image searchwill lead you to pron sites, photo bucket pages,even old my space pagesbut the best is "Local "Women and when you look up their pictures they link to French and Russian dating sites…. Yeah my grandpa whoms 70, signed up for Perfect girls anime, and sure there are older woman on there.

Come on there is a 24 year old in the area whoms interested in some guy old enough to be her grandfather is not likely. She actually looks my age, and I'm I know the feeling, I know my boyfriend is on quite a few of these sites and it pisses me off as he says I'm the only one he wants well obviously not or he wouldn't be looking on these Michelle_parker discreetmail. It used to be said that there was no harm in looking at the menu so long as you didn't enter the restaurant and order a meal. If I didn't look, I might get complacent and start taking you for granted, which I never want to do.

By following his hard coded instincts of course. Wrong, Ken. If a person has suspicions about their partner, they need to take Meet singles on facebook opportunity to prove those suspicions wrong.

I avoided looking at my wife's phone for months, though I knew she was cheating. If I'd caught it sooner, I might have been able to save the marriage. And the only people who get angry about a partner checking their computer are the ones with something to hide. Honesty is not hideing shit from your partner man. Your woman probably like to use her eyes on a bit of candy too, share dont hide, then you,ll find a bit of respect comming your way.

To many my mates cry their woman dont trust thembut they dont earn that trust, get it. Woman are hard wired for trust in the sack to have great sex man, and believe How to get sex fast, trust gives them great sex.

Less of course your just a dirty cheater, fuckin all men over, in that case stay single, you dont know nothin about woman…keep to learnin til you do, bro.

I can tell you from experience, that I myself have received emails with my account information for several different ones or these sites and they will have my name or part of my name and then other info that I know I never would have put in. Like it has just made several accounts under my name, which by the way is enough to piss a person off. Not saying anyone's boyfriend is innocent!

I agree with everyone who despises what the people behind these sites are doing, which is attempting sometimes successfully to obtain money from guys by a variety of deceptive strategies, not causing affairs.

They are aided and abetted by our male instinctive behaviour. Fortunately, before parting with any money, I found several sites before this one which pointed to the whole group being a scam. One scam site would be bad enough, but the set up is such that you keep linking to another site in the group and getting joined. I live in a country which is largely secular, but Online chatting with indian womens Christian as far as religion goes.

That in itself is a big giveaway. Look for yourself if you're still a member of any of these sites. I signed up on X cheaters and getanffair for a month each.

I was tempted on to others, who are also linked to these thieving swines. These people have no shame, they might as well just ask for our wallets. Thanks for commenting. They are criminals! I got takin for I argued with them and they went ahead and hooked me up.

We don't control XCheaters so we cannot shut it down. Getting the word up is our priority so people don't get scammed. Hi Larry from Athabasca!! Are these reviews real. Of course these dating reviews are real.

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