'My name is mummy and I'm an alcoholic'

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Mummy secret drinker


Mummy secret drinker

Mummy secret drinker

Mummy secret drinker

Labels: blogblogginglife in the hot lanemummy was a secret drinkerThe Sober Diaries. Breakfast in bed maybe? A home-made card? You get the picture. Free amatuer adult webcams year, my kids gave me a frame, with a photo of Mummy secret drinker and the three of them inside it. Mummy secret drinker the weeks leading up to the big day, retailers bombarded us with alcohol based presents.

How did drjnker end up in a place where motherhood is synonymous with wine? Or gin? I had my first child in the early days of this century — We tried to bake perfect cupcakes and make home-made playdough. We bought organic vegetables and spent hours pureeing and freezing them into little ice-cubes. We felt like failures. Because motherhood is really hard, and perfection is unachievable.

You just need to give it your best shot, and forgive yourself. So, by the mid noughties, the backlash began. The perfect-mum-blogger was replaced by the slummy-mummy. We cheered! We laughed about our failures on Mumsnet. When we decided to shout about motherhood being difficult, we Amanda cerny nude playboy started joking about how we managed to cope.

And how we managed to cope was Ddrinker. As social media took off, so did all the Mummy secret drinker memes. Why Mummy drinks. Mummy juice. The retailers and marketing departments were really quick to jump on the bandwagon, and then start driving the train. And everyone else was doing it too. The problem Munmy that wine is a drug. How could something xecret beautifully packaged, so ubiquitous, joked about all over social media, be an actual drug?

But it is. A drug. And, like any other drug, your tolerance drijker over time, so it no longer Quartz wallpaper one glass of wine to help you unwind at the end of the day, it takes a whole damn bottle.

I honestly bought into the myth that wine helped. The scary thing is, alcohol does exactly the opposite. Alcohol made me anxious all the time. It made me rush through bedtime stories so I could get to the fridge. It made me short tempered and grumpy with my kids. And it made me a terrible role model. I was teaching my children that grown-ups need a drug in order to be able to cope with everyday life. To read about my first year sober, and for lots of hints secrer tips, check out The Sober Diaries.

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Mummy secret drinker

Mummy secret drinker

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