The Adorable Secret Life Of One Man's Penis (NSFW Photos)

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Penis blog tumblr


Penis blog tumblr

Penis blog tumblr

This blog is dedicated to the beauty of cock and to worshipping and sucking cock, the hunger for cock and the thirst for cum. You will read about my thoughts, experiences and fantasies related to cock and cocksucking. Pictures are from the web unless explicitly stated otherwise. Sunday, 14 July Looking for other cockworshippers. There are still a few things I'd like to do and still haven't done.

Why not use this blog to make it happen? I'd love to be together with another cockworshipper and worship a cock together with him. It must be great to be on my knees, between a man's legs, together with a kindred spirit! It's about fucking time! A bonus, but not necessary, would be if they were hairy and like me wear a cockring and some leather now and again.

So if you live in the Netherlands and if the above sounds interesting or familiar and if you feel like Badoo free credits in touch with me, please do! My e-mail address is in my profile. Let's make some things New orleans phone chat Full of hot and hungry cocksuckers and cumeaters like me. If you don't get inspired after watching this Posted by Cockworshipper at 22 comments: Links to this post.

Saturday, 6 April It takes a cockworshipper to know one. Some videos I see on the internet are just so disappointing. It seems that there are cocksuckers and cocksuckers. I mean, sometimes I just see a cock going in and out of a man's mouth.

I sometimes really wonder what the point of filming a cocksucker is when the cocksucker is clearly only half interested and totally without any form of commitment, devotion, hunger, I don't actually know which words to use.

I think that's the reason why I post the videos on my blog that I do like, i. Then again, who I am to say what other people should do or not.

Still, I think pics and videos of cocksuckers that aren't as voracious, hungry and needy as I am for cock, are not worth my time and attention, so let's focus on the ones I do like, the ones where I can Penis blog tumblr by the look on a man's face that he is like me: a devoted worshipper of cock. It does take a cock worshipper to know one and it pleases me to think that many visitors of this blog are like me, which is why they visit my blog and like the pics and the videos that I find and post.

I love the way this man worships cock although it's beyond me why he didn't want the juice. To make up for it, here's a guy who sure loves cum:. And an oldie: great cocksucker, hungry for cock, including a fresh load. Posted by Cockworshipper at 16 comments: Links to this post. Wednesday, 2 January My wishes for you in My wishes for all cockworshippers including Comdate pty ltd : May we suck lots of cocks and may we swallow many loads of cum and I hope we Goodriddlesnow com good riddles all be happy and proud to be who are and what we are, no matter what we call ourselves, cockworshippers, cocksuckers, cockwhores or whatever.

As long as it's about cock! And may we also be as hungry for cock and cum as the cocksucker in this video. Friday, 7 December Let's worship cock! Just a video of a man who knows what cocksucking and worshipping cock is. That's what this blog is about isn't it? Worshipping cock in whatever way I can. The best thing of course is sucking cock, but the next best thing is seeing another man do what you like doing.

And in the way you like doing it! I love leather pouches, especially when you know you're gonna get what's in it! I haven't blogged for a while, but my love for cock is still the same. It's just that I don't feel the urge to write much about it. The pic below is one of the cocks I love, it's from another blogger.

An amazingly beautiful cock and cockring. Penis blog tumblr guy is very lucky with such a fine piece of meat. As well as the guy who gets the chance to suck and worship his cock. Posted by Cockworshipper at 5 comments: Links to this post. Labels: cockringsCockscocksuckingcumeatinghungerleathervideoworshipping. Friday, 17 August Sucking cock in a row. What struck me recently was that what I like seeing when I watch porn whether performed by so-called professionals in commercial films or by amateurs on x-tube and sites like that is that I basically want to see "myself", meaning that I want to see men doing the things that I like doing and doing those things the way I like doing them.

The capital letters are no accident, those adjectives are essential, I really hate watching porn where a guy is only half interested, or giving head without being completely mad about Penis blog tumblr.

It's a different state of mind. I love this video, of men kneeling in front of that what they need, love, crave for and worship: cock. I've never sucked cock like that, together with other cocksuckers, but I would definitely like that to happen some time, it must be real nice to be together with other men, doing the same thing, that what we do best: worshipping cock, pleasing cock, serving cock, drinking Penis blog tumblr Posted by Cockworshipper at 14 comments: Links to this post.

Sunday, 5 August New blog. Just a few pics of things I like and to tell you that I've also started on tumblr. I will obviously continue this blog, but in case it's closed down, you'll still be able to find me if you want. Posted by Cockworshipper at 6 comments: Links to this post.

Saturday, 4 August Michael Braun. I also happened to find a piece of the film Dangerous. Get it! Michael Braun and his friend end up sucking cock at a gloryhole together. For the rest, just enjoy his hairy body and his beautiful cock and get inspired by how this man knows what to do with cock.

I just can't say how much I admire guys like him. It's one thing to be out of the closet, but this is just another level of coming out! And I love it! And him! The way he looks into the camera with a cock in his mouth and cum Balls deep anal fucking his beard or on his face makes me drool. Right now, not even seeing the pics, but just writing about it, makes my cock hard as hell, and I would love my tongue to be on his face and taste and lick up every fucking drop of cum.

I've always found it really hot seeing a man drink another man's piss. Have to try it again, though. There are also some of his own pics and videos, and I must say that the videos of Penis blog tumblr drinking piss are absolutely brilliant. It actually doesn't look like anything special, I mean there are so many videos with men drinking piss ever seen the Dick Wadd videos?

Below some pics of these two hot men. Just got a load on his face, licking up the last drops. Hot hot hot, I really hope there was someone around to lick this all up. Those eyes are just saying one thing: I really really want all of it. Is he looking at his feeder or at us? Mouth in just the perfect position to catch everything there's going to come out of that cock.

Proudly showing us his face full of cum, a hero in my eyes!!! That look! He's willing to do anything as long as he gets to suck cock, to drink piss, to eat cum. Mouth wide open, tongue sticking out Posted by Cockworshipper at 8 comments: Links to this post. Labels: cocksuckingcumcumeatingexhibitionismhungerother blogs and websitespissvideo. Saturday, 21 July Cock and cum, inextricable.

I love their films and bought loads of them!!! Loads being a very appropriate word in this context. Posted by Cockworshipper at 7 comments: Links to this post. Thursday, 12 July Exhibitionism 2. Although we all probably know what exhibitionism means I still looked up a definition.

In short: "Exhibitionism refers to a desire or compulsion to expose parts of one's body — specifically the genitals or buttocks in a public or semi-public circumstance, in crowds or groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers. What I am talking about is the exposure that is not meant to shock or scare people, but in an environment where it's okay or even encouraged to show whatever you want to show.

So what are they, or we? Receiving cum, ready to swallow and eat. Posted by Cockworshipper at 10 comments: Links to this post. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Penis blog tumblr

Penis blog tumblr

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