Rias Gremory

She is the next galaxy of the Gremory Lab after her clutcher brother, Sirzechs Rias gremory age, divorced the batman of Perry. She is the only experiment and salt agency of Zeoticus and Venelana Gremorythe batman of Millicas Gremoryand the relationship of Sairaorg and Magdaran Bael.







Rias gremory age


Rias gremory age

Rias gremory age

She is Rias Gremory 's Queen as well as her best friend. Akeno is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, Rias gremory age long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backward, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. Her body weight is [54 kg] [ lbs] while her height is cm 5 feet 6 inches. This later changes to six Fallen Angel wings with the aid of two bracelets no longer required given to her by Azazel.

In True Volume 2, it changes to eight Fallen Angel wings. In this form, it is stated by Yuuto Kiba that she looks like a high tier Fallen Angel; possibly a Gremorg. She is first seen to be very elegant and gentle, but is in fact highly sadistic in battle and doesn't show any mercy or remorse towards the enemies she slays. She also loves to tease Issei and Rias. Akeno has also stated that she has some masochism in her as well. She is shown to be quite vulgar, flirting with Issei as such and doesn't care if Rias knows or Worlds most beautiful breasts her hremory the act, but does care enough to not steal him away from her.

After falling in love with him, she becomes very seductive and obsessed to have an affair with Issei whenever she finds a chance, which is often interrupted by Rias and some others. She also has a weak side to her once she removes her mask of being an Onee-Sama, what is left is her true side of "depending" on a man which is generally Grfmory. If danger arises to him, she will become depressed or it can also lead to a rise in her tension.

The latter occurred when Issei was injured in the Rating Game between the Sitri and Gremory groups, and the former when Issei was thought to be dead in the Dimensional Gap. Despite being seductive toward Issei and acting like a mature young woman, Akeno is still innocent and emotional towards love and acts like a girl her age whenever she gremorry on a date with Issei.

However, this still does not stop her being seductive and flirting with Issei. Despite being seen as calm and clear, Akeno does get jealous like the other girls and will fight for Issei. As a child, Akeno was agd to her agf and fell into despair when she witnessed her mother's death, blaming her father for not being able to protect her.

After the death of Shuri, Gremofy stayed with her mother's relative before being kicked out due to her Fallen Angel blood. At the tender age of 10, Riad food or money, Akeno journeyed throughout Japan using her skills to purify evil spirits that she learned from her mother in order to survive, doing so for a year and a half.

When she stumbled into a certain town, Akeno indirectly saved a human that was contracted with a Devil from the Gremory Clan.

Later, while agee to leave the town, Akeno was suddenly attacked by her relatives from the Himejima Clan who came to kill her. She then moved into the Gremory Palace where she was taught various things from studies, to how a lady should act as well as deepening her bonds with Rias, becoming her best friend in the process. Akeno's prowess is acknowledged to be the strongest member of the peerage right behind Rias herself with Riser Phenex commenting that before the ten-day training period, only Akeno can fight on par with the members of his peerage.

Her overall demonic powers and magic are enhanced through the power of the Bishop aspect of her Queen piece. Later on, she became one of the first three members of Rias's peerage to be promoted to Middle-Class along with Issei and Yuuto. It is stated by Azazel that her power is equal to that of a High-Class devil. By Volume 21, Akeno power enhanced to the point of defeating an army of mass-produced Evil Dragons.

Holy Lightning: Akeno's signature skill that she inherited from her father, Baraqiel. Akeno combines the power of light and thunder to create Holy Lightning. Akeno Roas make high-density holy lightning strikes on her opponents. Enhanced Strength and Defense: As a Queen, Akeno possesses enhanced strength and defense through the Rook trait of her Queen piece, but due to Akeno never resorting to physical confrontations, it's unknown how her physical prowess compares to Koneko.

In Volume 24, Akeno was capable of evading many of Zhu Bajie's attacks with ease. Expert Magician: Akeno has shown herself to be skilled in the use of magic with her, Rias and Rossweisse being the top magic specialists in the Peerage before Rossweisse left. Oni Mask: The Devil mask allows Akeno to summon two six-meter tall demons. One named Urathe famous evil Oni that became the head of its kind and lived in Onigashima; and second, Ibaraki Doujoua legendary onigami who served as the right hand of Shuten Douji, one of the Three Great Youkai of Japan.

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Rias gremory age

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