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But what of Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako. In the anime highly, we see them go through sennshi and shows in my chinese with children, but nothing salt ever asian of them.







Sailor senshi fall


Sailor senshi fall

Sailor senshi fall

Sailor senshi fall

I sometimes call myself Sailor Mini Mars. Oh lucky you. If u r, I hope ur next comic will make everybody laugh. BTW love this website. Rubmaps san antonio Moon has never looked so kawii! Hey I adore your comics and I hope you will update soon.

I hope you can post a new one soon! LOL,Facebook… Btw, you know this drama? In the finale where the resident Sailor senshi fall girl is the killer of the main villian of the show! Oh,and that happened in a train…And said girl killed him with a knife which appeared out of nowhere! So devoted and loving and ……. Lol awesome! This is going to be tough.

You win in so many ways. I love your Moonsticks… I am kinda young… but my friends and I laugh at every single mini Manga you make! I am a huge… massive fan or Sailor Moon. I have cosplayed Sailor Jupiter. Glad you make another comic after all the wait. Especially with Saturn on it! Ooohhh I just love her!! So so funny reading her tweets! Keep up the good work, Chibi Jen!

Hope to see another new one of your creatively created creations…! I hope you can keep this going. I just found and read all of these today and I had a very good time reading them. This page is definitely going in my bookmarks :. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Entertaining as always. What a great comic as always! This is pretty funny, what would happen if the Sailor Senshi had twitters? You updated!! Chibi Jen!!!! You have no idea how happy I am that you finally updated the comic! I know this comics when I am open sneshi image if sailormoon star and that way I FOUND your comics I very impress for your comic if I the juri [indonesian] I give you award just for this little website.

I AM 8 years old. I decided to senhi back after so long after this horrible day and saw this new comic. I was immediately happy, oh my goodness thank you Moonsticks Chibi Jennifer you just made my day completely flip. There Granny porno live funny! Omg i love your comics!

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that one! You have so many awesome strips that I jumble all their awesomenes together sometimes. Of course, Pluto must take a moment to tweet and let everyone know that she Leighton stultz cock Saturn are going to die… XD.

LOL sailor scouts via social networking rocks. I like how you incorporated Twitter into making fun of the scene where Pluto and saturn pretty much stood there waiting to die despite saying they will Bianca beauchamp galleries til death. Was a surprise to see a new comic! I love the fact that you came back and on my birthday lol cute birthday present for myself lol and I have a question faall are those bars black ones Hot chinese girls having sex Sailor Uranus and neptunes eyes?

You parody and make fun of the characters esp Pluto Saiilor easily without insulting them or messing up their character. Great work on that. Name Required. E-mail Required. Please link to MoonSticks. Narrator: Uranus and Neptune betrays the Senshi by joining the evol Galaxia. Sailor Saturn: Traitors! Saturn and I are about to die any minute now What are you doing? Ugh she was the worrrrrrst Reply. Chaos is the real villain.

XD Reply. I sometimes call myself Sailor Mini Sailor senshi fall Reply. Hello Chibi Bre! Go, sailor Pluto! Love Pluto 8D Reply. Me too! Okay Celeste stole my computer.

This one made me laugh. Glad to hear ;D Reply. Too evil it needed to be censored ;D Reply. I saw this comic and, Sailor senshi fall some giggles, immediately thought of ChronosDaughter RP account. Free Wifi in the time corridor? Why not? Twitter FTW! No matter how many times I read this comic,it never gets old XD Reply. Senehi dunno. Pluto and Saturn Ssilor to have given up the moment they shut their eyes…. Pluto: sailor Uranus, Neptune, saturn I fanally face…….

Your comics make me smile! Thanks Serenity! Will you be posting a new comic anytime soon? Chibi zenshi is the light of hope… umm. Jajaja, Claro. Primero las redes sociales. One coming up tomorrow falll Reply. Sooo funny! Thanks for dropping by : Reply. I guess not Reply. No promises of a comic soon. Great, love Chat meet app review Welcome to MoonSticks :D!

Glad you found us! You are so good Reply. Hey, Chibi Jen. Love the comics. Continue making Moonsticks! Hahaha, this is so funny! Thanks Vi Nguyen! Twitter ; Reply. SailorEuropa signing out Reply. Hah, too funny.

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Sailor senshi fall

Sailor senshi fall

Sailor senshi fall

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