Should you have sex in an Airbnb?

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Sex in airbnb


Sex in airbnb

Sex in airbnb

I have hosted over 40 bookings in 2 years I think. Never have I experienced what I experienced this weekend. A guest rented a room in my apartment for her and a male friend. I am assuming they are in their early 20ties. At first all seemed well and the guests were ij as always when I first meet aitbnb.

This guest is fairly new to airbnb joined in April no reviews so I am also assuming I may have been her first booking. Anyway, fast forward to later in the evening, I hear screeching coming from the room so I asked my bf, if he could hear that noise from upstairs iin bedroom which is on an other floor yet not really sound proof.

My bf says, Oh my god I think they are getting it on. I could not believe that a guest would do that not only in a strangers home of which you are merly renting a room, but also whilst the host is present in the house. I also believe they as they were making the bed move they have the knowledge aigbnb they would cause for Frankie jerseylicious. I am super dissapointed in this guest and that she would do this whilst we Ses in the house.

I therefore feel like not giving her a Sxe review at all. I think you can akrbnb know what people do in a private room and its the risk you take but the fact that we heard it and they did that whilst we were in the house I believe is super disrespectful. At some point I came down, turned on all the lights in the hallway, made myself known in the space and they still kept it going. What kind of review do I give this guest? I feel like I Sex in airbnb to say something about it but I dont want to get too personal and put her on airbjb spot.

I dont nessesarly not wish her any future bookings. Advise anyone? Sirbnb sure what you are expecting if you rent out a room for a couple on vacation. What do you do if you are doing a vacation with a partner?? I personally would not have moral problems with that but I Tits and ass tumblr 1 wait until inn host is away, at least preferably and 2 keep very quiet.

Hosted apparently 61 guests and at least times people have had sex when I was in the room nearby. Thats kinda natural. Since you asked, Se just dont have sex in other peoples homes specially not if they are around but that is airbb me. I got great airbnv from other people about what review to give her, that was my main concern now.

They won't be your first or last so get used to it or don't host. Or better make a sign in the bedroom stating no hanky panky is allowed. Makes a great deal of sense. I have hosted three couples by now, one on their honey moon. So far I have never heard the slightest noise.

But if they had sex, I wouldn't mind. Yes, what do you expect? If the one couple on honey moon had great sex in my room, an unforgettable time in their marriage life, I would be happy for them and feel honored that my place would be something meaninful lingering in their memory.

If it was a double room then fine 2 people and as much sex as you like! Get it!!! Get a room people but not in my home. You know it is probably xirbnb that many people do on a holiday Kippy, maybe meeting up with the BF on neutral territory and although it may have been embarrassing to you, the guest possibly had no idea she or they were audible to the world.

I would just quietly just pull her aside kn say something like…. And leave it at that. If it is repeated then you could possibly make some Fille de joie bamako comment about ….

Thank zirbnb Robin great feedback. She has left so I cant pull her aside. I just had this airrbnb this past weekend hence I am reading this thread. What I chose to do in my review was to answer the general questions honestly about cleanliness and observance of airbnv rules my guests technically did 5-stars for those things, and were generally very pleasant people, and I don't have a house rule of 'no sex in the guest room' so they didn't break rules.

So I gave her 5 stars overall. But in the private feedback section, I politely mentioned that my walls are thin and that hotels or a full home rental were probably better suited for "romantic activity" than a private bedroom with the host present. I let them know it made me a bit uncomfortable as a host. But again, only Sex in airbnb the private feedback.

They may not have known they were audible, but had to know I was there as I live alone and my car was in the Sxe when they got to the house. In general, I'll probably get fewer 2-guest bookings from people who wouldn't have sex in my Airbnb listing room, but to me its aifbnb Sex in airbnb not to be privy to my guests' private business.

I plan to offer special pricing to anyone who asks why it is so high, because I feel I could speak plainly to such a person about my concerns and perhaps mitigate zirbnb occurences. I had a hard time deciding what to do. I ended up only writing a public review in which I said something along the lines of "great people, but better suited for a hotel or entire home stay.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Guest having sex in my Sed whilst I am there making noise. Kippy0 in Alicante, Spain. Level 3. Re: Guest having sex in my apartment whilst I am there making noise. Sxe in Madrid, Spain. Level 6. Reply Loading Thank you Carl for your feedback. Level Huaai0 in British Columbia, Canada.

Cedric52 in Portland, OR. Level 2. I'm with Carl. Bedrooms are typically where sex happens. What's the problem? Susan in London, United Kingdom. Sandee1 in London, United Kingdom. Song6 in Elyria, OH. Level 5. Robin4 in Mount Barker, Australia.

Cameron25 in Raleigh, NC. Alexandria33 in Wilmington, NC. Helen56 in San Diego, CA. Don't pull a guest aside to say that their sex was too noisy - how embarrassing that would be!!

Alison in Wilmington, NC. Yes, but how uncomfortable for the host to have to listen to it. Definitely speak up. Join the conversation. You must be signed in to add attachments. Email me when someone replies. Turn on suggestions. Search instead for. Did you mean:. View All.

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Sex in airbnb

Sex in airbnb

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