Sissy Bitch goes to Dinner

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Sissy bitch stories


Sissy bitch stories

Sissy bitch stories

When I Sisey waiting for Uncle Bob to turn up the next day I was pretty nervous. I wondered what on earth I could do in construction. I saw a big red truck pull up outside and a large guy get out and walk toward our apartment. I answered the door when he knocked and was confronted by a big muscly guy. He peered down at me and held out his shovel sized hand. Mom appeared behind me and I gave her a quick hug, said goodbye and made my way to the truck throwing my bag in the back and climbing into the passenger seat.

Eventually he turned away and marched back to me and Mom waved sadly as we drove away. I stared straight ahead and wondered why mom was suddenly worried about me. I was sure she would talk to me about it.

How does that sound? For the rest of Siszy journey Bitcj Bob quizzed me about my life in general, just general chit chat about my friends, my classes, my interests. He seemed very interested in whether I had a girlfriend or not. When we arrived at his place I was pleasantly surprised.

He had a little house at the end of a track with some land too. The house was a single storey cabin type affair with a porch all around it. There were a couple of outbuildings and I could see a car and a couple of motorcycles in various states of repair. Let me show you around kid. Inside was a large open plan living room and kitchen. It was reasonably tidy but obvious that no woman lived here. Help yourself to a shower. I sat Sissj on the edge of my bed and thought about everything that had been said on the journey here.

I shook the thoughts from my head, I was probably being paranoid. I decided to take a shower. Uncle Bob had kindly left me a towel on my bed and I took that and my washbag to the bathroom. There was a tub with a showerhead on the wall and a shower curtain that ran around Sixsy tub on a metal pole.

I turned on the water Tonight fuck closing the door went to lock it. No lock! Feeling the water was a good temperature I quickly unchanged and stepped into the tub, drawing the curtain behind me. I enjoyed the sensation of the hot water coursing over my skin and felt all my worries disappear as I soaped myself up and then rinsed. Turning the water off I stepped out of the tub and went to grab my towel.

I looked around the bathroom, my clothes were gone too! I frantically looked around the bathroom. Everything was gone! I had to get back to my bedroom. I opened the door a crack and peered out. I could hear uncle Bob sstories food in the kitchen and humming. Stroies made a dash for it and made it my bedroom and closed the door and leant back against it, dripping wet, heart pounding. When I looked around my room I gasped in shock.

The Sissy bitch stories was open and I could see dresses and tops hanging. On the floor were several pairs of heels some sneakers and some boots too.

The drawers of my chest of drawers were pulled out and I walked over and looked into them one by one. The top one contained panties and bras. I pulled out the tiny pieces of cloth and saw that there xtories a wide selection of panties ranging from white cotton ones to thongs of lace and silk. The next drawer down contained Sites like tubaholic and Kansas city gay porn length socks.

The stockings, like the panties varied in colour and transparency and Dirty words to turn him on. Fishnets, opaque, hold ups, lace topped etc. I started to panic as I realised that Uncle Bob and my mom might know my secret. I spun around and uncle Bob was in the doorway, leaning and filling the space with his large frame.

She noticed her things were not where she left them and Sissy bitch stories a change in your behaviour. She waited until you left for school and quickly got to your laptop before it went to sleep and she needed your password. There are conditions though. If you stay I want you to head back to the bathroom and shave yourself completely smooth.

The only hair on your body I want to see is on your head. I sat down heavily on my bed. My head was spinning. I picked up a gorgeous white corset and stared at it, four suspender belts hung from the bottom. I thought of my mom and what she must be thinking.

Your email address will not be published. Good to see you again. My small hand disappeared as he closed his around it and shook it hard.

As soon as we were out of sight Bob reached over and patted my leg. I was led down a corridor and shown my room which had a closet, single bed and chest of drawers. Next to my room was Bobs and at the end of the corridor was the bathroom.

What was going on? The next drawer had corsets, Basques and bustiers, all silky and lace. The bottom drawer contained nighties, babydolls and chemises. Sissy bitch stories stroies broke the silence. I tossed the corset onto the bed and stood, my mind made up. I headed for the door. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Sissy bitch stories

Sissy bitch stories

Sissy bitch stories

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