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To start at the very beginning, click for The Bet — Part 1. I jerk awake, confused at the unfamiliar surroundings. I look Str8hell the face staring at me, the peaked-cap indicating his job as a chauffeur. I mutter something to him and as I open the door, my left hand touches a brushed steel briefcase on the seat Str8hell me. I grab it and get out of the car to find myself in front Str8hell the bank that I manage.

Inside, the receptionist gives me a dazzling smile and by the time I walk to the lifts, the express lift for the Executive Floor has arrived. I lean against the back wall of the lift and wonder what the hell is going on. I can see myself in the mirrored doors. I am wearing a well tailored suit, the fabric shining with a gleam that reminds me of the rubber that Bob made me wear. I was exhausted and fell asleep bound to the table.

He started working on the rope and slowly released each part of my body. Once I was free, he helped me sit up and turn, letting my legs hang off the edge of the table.

I am going to remove everything you are wearing, everything. I want you fully exposed for this next round. So, you will not speak even through your mouth will be empty, and you will Str8hell your eyes closed when the hood is removed. I will let you know when you can look at me. If you understand, nod your head two times. Jonas is in no hurry as he works to remove the duct tape on my head.

He then took out the cloth and I was ungagged for the first time in a long while. Keeping my eyes closed, I felt his gloved hand stroke my face and head. At one point I leaned into his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his glove.

He patted my cheek. He started working on the suit. At Str8HellPetr is caged and shackled, at the mercy of Japanese guy black girl. He is gagged too and his wrists and ankles are shackled as he kneels on the chair. He is making a lot of noise as his tormentor, Oleg Hubert, comes in. Then he starts to whip that sexy ass a little and spanks it as well.

Meanwhile at Str8Hellthe handsome, studly Leo Lombar is relaxing on his bed, enjoying music as he is on his computer. The door opens softly as a hooded Tomas Fuk peeps in.

He enters the room and overcomes Leo so that he can shackle and gag him. Naked and shackled, Leo is at the mercy of Tomas, who enjoys feeling all over the sexy body. Tomas rips off his hood and begins to kiss and lick that hottest of bodies. Leo writhes against his shackles but Adultfiendfinder com stiff cock reveals what he is really feeling.

Tomas smacks the huge thighs and sucks on that throbbing cock. Then he licks the balls and the shaft too. He sucks on the heavy balls and on that big cock. He moves Leo, bending him over the bed to give access to his hot ass.

Tomas kisses the Str8hell and starts to finger the tight hole. He spanks and bites the ass too. Lubing the hole he shoves a vibrator into it and starts to fuck. Leo takes that toy into his hot ass. Tomas fucks that hot ass hard and fast, turning Leo over, onto his back.

Leo takes hold of his own dick and wanks it fast as he enjoys the dick slamming his ass. Tomas continues his fucking as Leo wanks himself. He keeps going until Leo shoots the creamy cum from his cock. Then his pushes that cock back into the tight hole using the cum as lube. This is what happens How propose a girl for friendship Str8Hell.

Tomas Fuk is in charge of airport security, and he is interviewing Petr Ujen. Not satisfied with the answers he received, and seizing the opportunity for some hot sex, Tomas soon has Petr stripped naked and gagged and shackled. Tomas fucks that hot ass deep and hard, stretching it wide.

Then he pulls out and releases Petr from the shackles. He then has Petr suck on that throbbing cock and lick on the big balls too. Tomas then sits on the sofa so that Petr can mount him and slide his hot ass down on that rock hard dick. As he rides that big cock Petr wanks himself until he shoots his hot cum and milks it dry. He dismounts and kneels in from of Tomas to receive the hot cum shooting over his face. Nicolas is locked in a cage, his wrists shackled through the bars.

He tries to pull himself free but cannot. Then Nikol arrives and reaches through the bars to grope Nicolas. He slaps him too, pushing him to his knees. Nicolas sucks on the fat, hard, cock as Nikol fucks his face. Nikol holds Nicolas head against the bars as he fucks his Pretty black women having sex. Then he releases Nicolas and turns his round, and slides that fat cock into the waiting ass hole.

He pulls out and shoves the dick all the way in again. That big dick reallly pounds the tight hole as Nicolas moans. He takes that cock so well as Nikol really bangs his hole. Moving again he bends over to take it from behind as he wanks himself. Nicolas takes it well and soon shoots his hot cum all over the floor.

Nikol continues fucking the hot ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out Nude female furries shoves Nicolas to his knees and dumps his hot cum over the face in and into his mouth.

Nicolas then sucks the stick dick to clean it off. See the video at Str8Hell. Check them out:. Having only recently had his cherry busted, Ignac is gagged and tied in the chair as Karel feels his body and starts to beat his ass with a crop. That sexy ass feels the crop again and begins to redden. I unlock the briefcase and open it, expecting some kind of twisted surprise. By ty dehner I was exhausted and fell asleep bound to the table. Check them out: Having only recently had his cherry busted, Ignac is gagged and tied in the chair as Karel feels his body and starts to beat his ass with a crop.

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