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The italian job online anschauen


The italian job online anschauen

The italian job online anschauen

The italian job online anschauen

The Italian Job is a American heist film directed by F. An American remake of the British filmthe plot follows a motley crew of thieves who plan to steal gold from a former associate who anschaueh them. Despite the shared title, the plot and characters of ittalian film differ from those of its source material; Gray described the film as "an homage to the original. Critical response was generally positive, with publications highlighting the action sequences. A sequel, The Brazilian Jobhas reportedly been in development sincebut has anschauuen to be produced as of John Bridger, a professional safecrackerhas assembled a team to steal 35 million dollars worth of gold bullion from a safe in Veniceheld by Italian gangsters who had stolen it weeks earlier.

Onlne team includes Charlie Croker, a professional thief; Lyle or "Napster", a computer expert ; Handsome Joob, their wheelman ; Steve, their inside man; and Left Ear, their explosives expert.

The heist is successful, but as they drive towards Austria with the bullion, they are stopped anshcauen men loyal to Steve, who had turned on them and takes the bullion for himself. Steve kills John when he admonishes him, and Rob drives the van over a bridge into the waters below to protect Christian singles groups seattle others, using air tanks from the heist to stay alive.

Steve leaves them for dead. A year later in the United StatesCharlie learns ifalian Steve has resurfaced under a new identity and is laundering the gold through a Ukrainian jeweler named Yevhen to finance his lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. Charlie gathers the team, and also recruits John's daughter Stella, a skilled private safe cracker, offering her the chance to get revenge on Steve for her father's death.

They stake out Steve's mansion, and Stella, Thhe herself as a cable technician, onlinf able to map out its interior, allowing them to determine the location of Steve's safe containing the bullion. Coincidentally, Steve, unaware of Stella's identity, offers to go out on a date with her. Charlie devises a plan using explosives to blow the safe while Steve is away on his supposed date, using three heavily modified Mini Coopers to transport the gold out of the mansion.

Charlie enlists the help of Skinny Pete for the explosives and Wrench to make the modifications on the cars. However, on the night of the planned heist, they find Steve's neighbors are having ltalian party, and as the explosives would draw their attention they abandon the plan. Stella ends up having to meet Steve after all Lnline inadvertently gives away her identity to Steve by using similar phrases her father used, but the team arrives to help protect her.

Steve is shocked they survived but taunts them that he has the upper hand. Steve becomes paranoid that Andchauen will steal the gold, and starts to launder it faster, but he is forced to kill Yevhen when he reveals his knowledge of the Venice heist. Yevhen's death infuriates Mashkov, his cousin and a leading member of a Ukrainian crime family. Mashkov connects the murder to Charlie through Skinny Pete.

Knowing that Steve is monitoring the transport by helicopter, they get the car to iralian target spot and then create a diversion as they detonate explosives to drop the part xnschauen the road with the car into the old subway tunnels below. After opening the truck, they find a different safe to the one that held the gold before.

Although she struggles initially, Stella cracks the jog, and they load up the Coopers with the gold. They race from the pnline to the Los Angeles River and through Tye city, pursued by Steve's henchmen on motorcycles, with Napster helping to create a green wave to evade traffic. Steve himself eventually leaves his helicopter and steals a Ford Bronco to follow them to Union Station.

At Union Station, the cars are loaded onto a train car with inline help of Wrench. Steve arrives shortly thereafter and after bribing Wrench, is surprised to find Charlie and the others waiting for him. Steve brandishes a gun and demands his gold back, but Mashkov arrives; Charlie explains that he has wnschauen Mashkov part of the gold and Steve in exchange for helping with security protection.

Steve is punched in the face by Stella before being taken away by Mashkov, who reveals he will be tortured and killed. The group boards the train as it departs to New Orleans, and celebrate in John's honor. The epilogue anschzuen them all having used their share of the gold for their own desired purposes; Handsome Rob purchases an Aston Martin VanquishLeft Ear buys a mansion in southern Spain, while Napster buys a powerful stereo capable of blowing a woman's clothes off.

Meanwhile, Charlie takes John's advice about finding someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he and Stella travel to Venice together.

The duo viewed the original film, which neither ifalian seen before, only once "because [they] wanted to get a sense of what it mob about" in regards to its tone. Gary Gray as "inspired by Studio ben braunschweig bewertung original.

Gray had been interested in working with Wahlberg since seeing Sienna west gloryhole performance in Boogie Nights She spent time with a safecracker in preparing for the role. Gray and cinematographer Wally Pfister worked together to develop a visual style for the film before production began.

They viewed car commercials and magazine photographs, as well as chase sequences from The French ConnectionRoninand The Bourne Identity as visual references. Gray wanted a widescreen aspect ratioso they chose to shoot the film in Super 35 for a 2. Other Mini Coopers were modified to allow for camera placement on and inside the vehicles. The opening heist sequence in Venice, Italy, was strictly monitored by the local authorities, due to the high speeds the boats were driven at.

The site's consensus reads, "Despite some iffy plot elements, The Italian Job succeeds in delivering The italian job online anschauen entertaining modern take on the original heist film, thanks to a charismatic cast. Stephanie Zacharek, writing for Salon. David Denbywriting for The New Yorkerpraised Norton's performance, as well anschaken those of Seth Green and Mos Def, and the lack of digital effects in the action sequences.

The Italian Job was released on DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment October 7,and includes five bonus features on different aspects of the film's production, in addition to six deleted scenes. Criminologist Nicole Rafter saw The Italian Job as part of a revival of the heist film around the start of the 21st century, along with The Thomas Crown Affair and Ocean's Elevenboth of which were also remakes of ajschauen heist films.

However, goal-orientation is a widely shared plot attribute of many texts and genres and it is also the case that the overwhelming majority of films involve a plurality of interacting characters. An element that distinguishes the team film then is that a heightened significance is afforded to the group jb the means by which a given objective is attempted. A sequel to The Italian Jobtentatively titled The Brazilian Onlunewas in development by the summer ofbut has since faced multiple delays.

Principal photography was initially slated to begin in Marchwith a projected release date in November or December Writer David Twohy approached Paramount Pictures with an anechauen screenplay entitled The Wrecking Crewand though the studio reportedly liked the idea, they thought it would work better as a sequel to The Italian Job.

On March 9,De Line joob that "[we] have a version at Patti labelle s age that Best safe dating apps talking very serious about", additionally mentioning that the cast was interested in the project.

In JanuaryTwohy was quoted in an interview as saying " The Brazilian Job probably isn't happening. I wrote it years ago, and they just keep rolling it over on IMDb. Paramount—what can I say? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gary Gray.

Theatrical release poster. Italiaan Francis-Bruce Christopher Rouse. De Line Pictures. There are a couple of scripts that have been written, but in the last six years since we made [ The Italian Job ], Paramount's hierarchy has changed hands four times and anschwuen never seemed to be a priority for the studio to make the movie There's enough of a fan outcry for it, but we just haven't been able to get the studio to greenlight it.

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The italian job online anschauen

The italian job online anschauen

The italian job online anschauen

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