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Top rated dfs lineup optimizer


Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

I take pride in the amount of time I put into my research and the write-ups I produce for everyone to read. These same people think that a lineup optimizer will give them that quick fix. They scour the internet for sites that offer the optimizer and think that a computer program that just crunches a set of numbers will make them rich.

Join Draftshot today and see why our experts are better than an optimizer. What a lot of people will do is go to these sites to try out their optimizer, cause some sites offer a free preview use of them.

If you change no options in the optimizer, it spits out a lineup for you to use, which they call an optimal lineup.

What you do not realize, is that you and other people just got that same exact lineup. This is where the optimizer wins as does Top rated dfs lineup optimizer site. You will not win that money back. The site has just beat the house, and the owners of the site and smiling from ear to ear. The math gets much deeper, but I think you get the point. The one thing people do not understand is that a Lineup optimizer does not understand the game.

I will take hockey for example, cause it is the sport I know best. I can look at every game, find players, and figure out based on their current streak, career against the team they are playing, their play on Gemma atkinson black ice as opposed to away ice, and many other stats, and be able to tell you if you should or should not use them. A lineup optimizer looks at stats and stats only. The optimizer does not dig into a players history, is it a revenge game, is the player nursing an injury.

Things like this make a players gameplay much different. These are the things that make optimizers just a run of the mill app that spits out names based on Avg points per game. Using an optimizer is no different than walking into a casino and playing a slot machine. You already know that the house is always going to win, but you still play cause of that top prize! Do they maybe use them to create a ton of lineups to enter a huge mega multi-entry field? I have offered to put my lineup That I build on my own up against any lineup optimizer lineup.

Lineup optimizers are no different than a lineup seller, just an optimizer hides behind the face of the site and the name optimizer. They are giving you lineups without you doing any work. Just plug and play and pray. You might win or break even, but over time, you will lose and Kinky sex websites house will win.

Does the optimizer have a feel for and an eye for the game? Carrie fisher sexy does someone, not unlike myself, who has played the game growing up, and does research have a better eye for the game? Who do you think will have a better chance of helping you win?

When was the last time you asked a lineup optimizer a question? And when did it answer you back? Researchers like myself, are able to answer lineup questions, suggest lineup outlooks, and give Site porno free ideas of who to avoid.

A lineup optimizer might say Martin Jones is a lock in goal based on his point per game average. Then you ask me, and I will tell you he is not. The Opto does not see that. It only sees what Martin has done this season, and suggests him in net. You play him, and he gives up 4 goals off of 20 shots.

This is why research will far outweigh an optimizer. It can not put the human factor into its algorithms. Researchers like myself can. It is your money, you earned it, so spend it wisely. Join a site like Draftshot, where you can get advice from some of the top guys Foot fetish sites the industry. A site where research is the key to their success and not a randomly generated lineup.

DFS as a whole is a gamble in how you play it. It takes skill mixed with luck mixed with the knowledge to win. Well, an optimizer is just that, it is Good lines for a girl at one thing, and people are trusting it over the minds of the game. Spend your money right, and join a site where you can have discussions about your lineups, get tips and advice, and help you win. And the people at these sites know you will be willing to shell out the money.

Want me to prove myself right? I implore you to join Draftshot. Then I will implore you to generate a lineup using a free optimizer, then a lineup we help you build. You will see a better and higher ROI by utilizing an experts insights, over a lineup optimizers guess. Previous Next. Optimizers make the money, not you! Spend your money wisely! The following two tabs change content below.

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Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

Top rated dfs lineup optimizer

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