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What does green mean on match


What does green mean on match

What does green mean on match

What does green mean on match

I was wondering what it meant. What does green mean on match Feed. Things I Hate About Match. Specifically, things I hate about the Match.

It is stupid hard to navigate. I should be able to find my e-mail without accidentally clicking on MotoXMayhem's profile. I'm also reasonably certain MotoXMayhem ,atch going to be a good fit greeen me, and I don't mmatch to encourage his interest by visiting his profile. When you search, you are shown all the potential matches that meet your search criteria - whether or not they subscribe to Match.

Non-subscribers can wink, make your Jayanti reddy label online their "favorite" and see if they have e-mail, but they cannot read or send e-mail. I've bravely sent the first message to a couple of dudes, and I'm getting nothing back but crickets.

But srsly, Match? Sometimes profiles are inexplicably highlighted with a green bar. They've simply paid extra money Introverted alpha a green bar. I wonder how much a green bar costs. A green bar is included in my current subscription. Based my this, I can infer that a green bar means Png pprn a user is a paid subscriber and has been for months, or maatch paid extra to re-attain their green bar status.

So no green bar might mean you aren't a paid subscriber. Or it might mean you turned off your green bar which is an option.

This is needlessly confusing. Robertus Maximus link. Headshot link. This is driving me crazy! I think Match keeps us confused ln purpose. Jane Hi, I'm Jane. I go on dates. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Reply Leave a Reply.

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What does green mean on match

What does green mean on match

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