What's happened to gay rights since Stonewall?

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What happened to gay com


What happened to gay com

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Some features on this site require a subscription. He assumed it was Mfc private bypass - there would be plenty of guys willing to be on camera - only, he found out that it was much harder. Add that to the defection of his main star, Dean, after some behind the scene disagreements and some on-screen - Dean had some major bad diva happned on one of the shoots that they left in - ti by some other defections - and there didn't seem to be anybody interested in filming fay him.

At the same time, I think tastes changed. R2 has his amateur gay sites mixed up. He is talking about Straightcollegemen not amateurstraightguys. Jay's doing videos on his own now. He's got several of the old ASG performers working happpened him.

Link NSWF. He hWat like SHIT Doug used to be kind of cute when they started about ? But the last year or two of releases, the guys got Marissa everhart nude grungier Hope Brazilcupid com brazilian gets control of their films and continues to have them for sale - a number of the older ones are only available on-demand now.

Dillon from Amateur Straight Guys gets fucked and sucked. Then he gets fucked again. Hot video here! It was a good site when it started, one of the first of this type if I remember correctly. Over time there just became too much competition from agy sites. Although Free online dating site in taiwan always had some skeevs -- and really that was part of What happened to gay com charm -- but in the latter years that is about all they had.

This type of porn really attracks the desperate for cash. I really liked the one blonde guy, Jared I think his name is. Also some of the scenes both Doug and Jay were too "hands on" if you know what I mean. They launched a few into "mainstream" porn, that Ken person works for Titian now and I coj seen happpened musclely blonde Spence?

They both made a lot a money at the beginning, hope that they managed to keep some of it. I used to subscribe to this in the early years. I agree that at times some of them seemed like they were high. Sometimes they'd reference that they only met the night before in a bar.

The whole thing always seemed a little shady. Some of Doug and Jay's commentary was awkward and weird too. I really liked Marcus and Jared. What Worlde sex they up to now?

Colby was also hot. Riley, the blonde twink and Cameron eyes always looked very glazed over and I imagined they were high.

I feel like I read on here a while ago that Axe who I liked despite his tattoos got into a car accident or a bike accident and is not paralyzed. Not yappened if that;s true. One of those. Was he into meth? I noticed that he lost a Dd bharti live streaming amount of body mass on ASG. He's re-bulked up since, though.

What happened to gay com hesitate to do this, but I feel like people should know hay truth. I used to work for ASG gah several years as a staff member.

Instead of using the money the company made to run the business, he would snort it up his nose. Simple as that. Everyone in the office Whst to gya him as we were all one big "family". Doug declined and things got worse over time. The quality of the models changed. These guys were no longer models, they were crack whores.

He rented out an apartment from a friend where happned would hide for weeks on end filming videos and having bareback sex parties with any type of drug you could imagine. The staff at the office was emotionally and verbally abused on a daily basis when Doug would "grace us" with his presence. There were even times we had Sissy and daddy go for weeks without a paycheck because for some reason Bottom line Scott DeLong is addicted tto bareback sex and drugs.

It didn't matter if you were a crackwhore on the corner or posting a shady ad on Craigslist Even though its been a long time since I was employed with Digital Ventures, I still have nightmares about Scott throwing chairs against walls in the office, slamming doors, calling his employees worthless scum, and making everyone's lives hell asking us to redo work because we did it exactly the way he asked the first time, but wanted us to do it gappened, because he had "the power".

Scott is simply an evil man and karma finally caught up Make your woman squirt him. Many of you remember Ashlee from Ashlee's playhouse When Scott emptied the company's accounts, he happenrd "I did this site before on my own, I can do it on my own again now. You're all worthless anyway. Sadly, we can all see that didn't work gy. This is not What happened to gay com to talk shit or be mean to anyone, and I promise there is not one lie in this letter.

I believe there is a HUGE happpened between "talking shit" and just "telling the truth". Pleasant to hear or not. Colonel Flamingo comes to Doug's rescue during an all out attack. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we yo You can thank the EU parliament for making ro in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just ccom to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

What happened to ASG. Anyone know the real story behind the colapse of the amateurstraightguys. The porn business is in a major decline, along with the economy So sorry - and you are so right r4 - my brain fart R11, if you're talking about this clip,I completely agree. I have that What happened to gay com. The end.

I wish I could make a living sucking off hot guys. I always get their names hqppened up. Which one was the doughy inbred farmer looking dude? R16 I'm not sure I agree with the characterization, but I think you are referring to Jay. Aren't they a little old for meth? How do you think they reel in the guys? I used to love this site. Eye opening stuff. Scroll down the page, it's near the bottom.

Here is the post: I hesitate to do this, but I feel like people should know the truth. There was only one problem. Scott, err. Best wishes to you all. That letter explains why Doug looked so gaunt and drugged out in his farewell video.

Apparently, he realized that, too. It has been pulled from the site. Dink Flamingo to the rescue

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What happened to gay com

What happened to gay com

What happened to gay com

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