Definition of trannie

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What is a trannie


What is a trannie

Top definition. Trannie unknown. Short version of the word Transgender, Transvestite and Transsexual. Often mistaken as a slur against mentally ill people. Used mainly online to not keep typing unnecessarily long words over and over again.

Guy 1: "I heard you're a trannie " Trannie : " Racist bigot! Go die fascist pig! Take that shit back! A derogatory term for transgendered people. Okay to use if you are actually transgendered, or an ally. Look at that disgusting trannie over there. She told me so. Look at that pic. I'm obviously a trannie.

A reasonably respectful Australian slang term for a trans person. This term was born in the seventies I believe, after the fall of hippiedom. Worker- Shit did you see that trannie? Worker2- No, I was whistling at the blonde Worker- Oh dayem. Someone who was born with both balls and vagina.

I have male and female parts. I dont find this to joke about. I have kept this secret a long time and now im comfortable with it. I have male and female parts and im proud of it. Trannie life. Slang: When a male friend Hot dbz porn acting in a feminine nature, or a female friend is acting to masculine. Friend 1 Lucy meck dog : Sorry dude.

I can't meet you What is a trannie yet. I have to buy What is a trannie new clothe for tonight. Then get my haircut and meet my gf. I'll meet you up in a couple of trrannie. Friend 2 male : Fool! You don't need to buy a new dress. Quit being a trannie! Short Wnat used for What is a trannie Transvestite. Some Ugly Guy: Dude, that chick has a penis Another Ugly Guy, with an afro : How the hell would you know!?

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What is a trannie

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