Washing dishes in COLD water?

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Why use hot water to wash dishes


Why use hot water to wash dishes

It gets rid of baby bacteria. To kill the big guys you'd really need boiling water for long periods of time. I use hot water cause it helps clean the dishes. It melts the grease off the plates, etc where cold water just causes grease to get hard-and therefore harder to get off. If some dishes were not rinsed, Phoenix dating sites hot water helps to rehydrate the dried on food and then they are easier to wash.

The dish washing liquid moves around easier and is easier to rinse from the dishes when using hot water. With cold water I never Why use hot water to wash dishes like I have rinsed the soap off. Hot water and detergent together attack oils and grime. That oil and grime that you rinse away with the water contains bacteria. Without hot water, detergent is unable to be as effective. You may end up with an oily residue on your dishes or clothes.

Hot water also makes dishes able to air dry on their own very quickly. You can do your own experiment to watch this in action. Take two dinner plates. Rinse one in cool or even warm water. Rinse the other in very hot water. Set the plates down and watch them dry. You'll be able to see the hot water plate dry right before your eyes.

Also, contrary to popular belief, using hot water to wash dishes DOES NOT kill bacteria or germs because the water would have to be way hotter then you or anyone else could tolerate.

We wash dishes in hot water because the heat from the water asks as the same as fire would if we were to burn something. For example when people burn things they are try in destroy it. That is the same thing that we do when using hot water. The hoter the water the better it kills grems. It really doesn't kill the germs but it does Why use hot water to wash dishes soften and remove the food stuck on the dishes, preventing bacteria from growing.

Also, it feels better if washing by hand. Hot water kills germs but then again so does soap! I don't know. I use Funny christmas pictures cartoon water to wash my dishes by hand and rinse with hot so they dry faster. It's not gonna kill any germs unless it's over F and you are not gonna stick your hands in that hot of water nor is your home dishwasher gonna get that hot.

Hot soapy water help to loosen the crud left on the dishes, easier to clean, and keep them germfree. Contrary to popular belief, dishwater does little to kill bacteria Really though, it's just a nice little bubble bath for your hands rather than an ice bath. Answer Save. Prince of Pennsylvania Avenue Lqqking meaning 5. Auntie S Diahes 4. To kill the big guys you'd really hlt boiling water for long periods of time Why use hot water to wash dishes use hot water cause it uze clean the dishes.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Hot water helps to kill bacteria left on the dishes, eash with the soap of course not to mention, if there is food stuck onto your dishes the heat helps to loosen it and makes it easier to scrub off.

Hot water helps the soap to make suds, which cleans the dishes. Also, how water loosens the sludge on the plates. Commercial watr sanitize kill germs wwash ne of 2 methods. Hot water at least F or chemical chlorine. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Why use hot water to wash dishes

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