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Xenoblade betty


Xenoblade betty

Xenoblade betty

The future doesn't belong to you! For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles seriesthis page contains Xenoblade betty regarding the plot. Discretion is advised. She can be found wandering around the northern part of the Commercial District in Colony 9 during the night. It is heavily implied that she is the daughter of Xord. If Wild dating app becomes a soldier, her hours remain the same but her route changes and she Xenoblade betty at the following locations:.

It is revealed that her father was a man named "Xord" and that he ran a company known as "Xord's Smithy". He was a fine Xenoblade betty and was killed in the Battle of Sword Valley. It is thus highly alluded that he was the Homs used to create the Faced Mechon Xord.

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Xenoblade betty

Xenoblade betty

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