8 Reasons You Only Get Better With Age, According to Science

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You get better with age


You get better with age

You get better with age

You get better with age

We're not going to lie: Getting older isn't always You get better with age picnic. Cracking knees? Sensitive teeth? Not terribly kind. But here's the thing: It's not all bad.

In fact, some things that come with aging are downright fantastic. If you're skeptical, read on: We've come up with 50 things that simply get better with age. Long-term love? Check out 10 other little things connected couples do. Good news: Seasonal allergies, particularly hayfever, seem to dissipate over time, says Michael J. Of course, our new allergy center helps, in the meantime. Older and bolder? Not there yet?

Worn out pockets? Patches in the knees? Even better. Who wants to snuggle up in stiff cotton sheets when you could sleep on finely-woven fabric like flannel gets softer with every wash? Not bad for a sexagenarian. Remember how much you used to hate your nose back in high school?

And according to a recent study published in Psychological Sciencethe You get better with age and life experiences adults acquire over time make them better equipped to choose, well, wisely. Find out what your decision-making style says about you. Make someone's day with these 13 kind acts.

And as the years tick by, family time tends to become paramount in our lives, letting the bonds grow stronger—kooky cousins and all.

Certain aged, fermented teas—like Pu'er, from China—have hidden health benefits. If that's not your cup of tea, these 7 herbal teas have plenty of benefits to boot, too. Boost your chances of reaching an orgasm with these 9 sexy yoga poses. That jar of gherkins sitting in the back of your fridge for who knows how long?

Oh, and studies say that having a husband who helps around the house also makes women stress less over the years, hint not-to-subtle hint. Some studies say that our physical endurance may actually improve as we grow older. Still skeptical? Just take a look at Fauja Singh, who, after running nine marathons since taking up the sport at 89just hung up his sneakers at the ripe age of Or this year-old woman who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks ; get it, girl.

Or guilt-free margarita time— here's how to have a girl's night out you won't regret. Goodbye, bad moods: Psychologists at the University of California and University of Southern California say we seem to experience less loneliness, depression, anger, and boredom as we age. When you first bought your home, it was a blank canvas. But now? Tip: Swedish porn com those oldies and top on buttered toast for a tasty morning meal.

Just take a look at her jaw-dropping appearance at the Oscars to see Hot kathaigal we mean. Check out 10 other celebs who look better than ever. If the last decade has brought us the iPad, smartphones, and Google Goggles, it's safe to say that the next 10 years will bring us gadgets beyond our wildest dreams. Studies show that our verbal ability improves with age, especially among big readers.

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You get better with age

You get better with age

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