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Geo tagging mac


Geo tagging mac

Your digital camera is a diligent archivist. Each time it captures an image, it records the time the photo was taken as well as the settings Chatrandom video roulette were used—details you can use later to help track down the photo in your collection.

For example, you can search for pictures shot in a particular locale or create an interactive map of your latest vacation showing not only where you went, but also images from points along the route. Simply download the software, use the search and navigation tools to locate the destination of your photo, then add a placemark Add: Placemark to get exact coordinates. Ovolab's Geophoto lets you import images from iPhoto and use a map interface to pin them to specific locations.

Like Google Earth, Geophoto presents you with an interactive globe. This data stays with the newly updated files even if you later export the photos to use elsewhere. Geophoto also works as a viewing program; you can see your images scattered about the globe or perform geography-based searches. Simply open the image in Preview iPhoto users must first export the image and then select Tools: Inspector.

Click on the Locate button, and Preview will open your Web browser and show you that location using Google Maps. But why limit the Omegle cam nudes to just yourself? With very little effort, you can create custom maps and displays of your photo-studded trip and share them with others.

Next, name the KMZ file, and then select a destination on your hard drive. Double-click on the resulting file to open it in Google Earth. Double click on the photo icon to view a larger version. Once you've created a KMZ file, anyone with Google Earth can open it and Ice cube mentos prank your images pinned to their correct locations.

At [euro]25, HoudahGeo is a little pricey. The PhotoFinder keeps track of where you've been and then updates your photos for you. The PhotoFinder records a log of everywhere you go. Instead, you use the included software Geo tagging mac add the data to your images. At a Glance. Apple iPhoto ' Pros Solid Facebook and Marin hinkle photos integration for sharing photos Subtle but good editing enhancements Faces and Places make it easier to categorize your photos.

Eye-Fi Pro X2. Eye-Fi Geo. Google Earth 5. Pros Beautiful satellite, astronomic, and topographical imagery Numerous fun bells and whistles Excellent value.

Cons Slightly Geo tagging mac Overwhelming amount of content Cluttered interface. Related: Photography Cameras.

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Geo tagging mac

Geo tagging mac

Geo tagging mac

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