50+ Best Cocobolo Desk Design And Decorating Ideas

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Cocobolo desk images


Cocobolo desk images

Common Name s : Cocobolo, Cocobola, Cocabola. Scientific Name: Dalbergia retusa. Distribution: Central America. Tree Size: ft m tall. Janka Hardness: 2, lb f 14, N. Shrinkage: Radial: 2. Volumetric: 7. Sapwood is typically a very pale yellow. Good natural luster. Workability: Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occasionally cause problems with gluing.

Cocobolo has excellent turning properties. Reported as a sensitizer; can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation, as well as nausea, pink-eye, and asthma-like symptoms. Prices should Meet fish dating site similarly imagea other rosewoods in the Dalbergia genus.

Common Uses: Fine furniture, musical instruments, turnings, and other small specialty objects. Reports indicate that Cocobolo is stronger and denser than Brazilian Rosewoodand that is the basis for the strength values bending strength and modulus of elasticity that are quoted at the top of this page.

Parenchyma: diffuse-in-aggregates, vasicentric, and Cocobolo desk images marginal. Rays: narrow, fairly close spacing. Madagascar rosewood Dalbergia baronii. Kingwood Dalbergia cearensis. Camatillo Dalbergia congestiflora. Guatemalan rosewood Dalbergia cubilquitzensis. Burmese blackwood Dalbergia cultrata. Brazilian tulipwood Dalbergia decipularis.

Laotian deks Dalbergia lanceolaria. East Indian rosewood Dalbergia latifolia. Bois de rose Dalbergia maritima. African blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon. Brazilian rosewood Dalbergia nigra. Huanghuali Sex site hindi odorifera. Burmese rosewood Cocobolo desk images oliveri. Palo escrito Dalbergia paloescrito. Sissoo Dalbergia sissoo. Amazon rosewood Dalbergia spruceana. Honduran rosewood Dalbergia stevensonii.

Yucatan rosewood Dalbergia tucurensis. Related Content:. Bypass the hype and get to the bottom of the issue. Cocobolo desk images Oily Tropical Hardwoods Some woods need special treatment to get a strong and lasting bond. A few simple tips will help slow this shift. Tom Sacco September, 25, — reply Why is some cocobolo just purple and others have the yellow, red, brown, purple, black, ECT.

Thank you. One of my other custom cues was made with ebony going into purple heart. It hits great. So, like getting tattoos, I had to get another. And since cocobolo is very similar in structure to ebony, I figure it should work. If anyone has images of their own cocobolo custom cue, please post a link. My friend has these Rosewood from Brazil they were cut maybe 20 years ago and brought to Canada.

I have a wall clock made out of cocobolo wood. Would appreciate any advice. Otherwise polyurethane or lacquer are both glossy as well. Frer porn sites was given a piece of wood desi I cannot quite identify.

From all the woods I know, it resembles Cocobolo the closest. It is Wife friend threesome heavy and dense.

The grain resembles cocobolo, but has some very tight grain in places. Only thing is it has a very purple color to it, not brown as pictured above. Also, when it is cut, it is very aromatic. A nice perfume smell with a hint of cinnamon. Can anyone help me identify it as cocobolo or something iimages Have just used some kingwood to make some pens when drilling out the barrels the smell had a hint of single malt whisky to it.

I work as laser cutter operator and other jobs at Martin Guitar. While fairly uncommon, a very small Cocobolo desk images of East Indian Rosewood guitar backs come through on an irregular basis with a green in the lighter portions of the heart wood.

Similar case with EIR that has a Cocogolo color in it, often in a thin streak. On another note, freshly sanded, cut, or steam bent Cocobolk does have a very strong smell.

Madagascar has a similar, but less strong smell compared to brazilian, and guatemalan has a similar smell. I think the East Indian Rosewood that I have seen with yellows, oranges Free girl apps for iphone green is plantation grown in Indonesia, called Sonokelling. The purples and reds seem to come from India.

It could be oxygenation or a UV reactivion. Obviously, things can respond to oxygenation so that may be the culprit. Maybe freshly cut the wood and seal it as quickly as possible? Also, there could be a UV reaction going on. UV rays can fade colors or even sometimes brighten them.

Brazilian Rosewood, especially when submerged under water or exposed to minerals in the soil, can develop bands of green and red that are reactive in How to be more happy with yourself. Check out this image:. Hi, my late father who was a true craftsman when it came to working with wood was given a gift of some Cocobolo by a friend several years ago.

It is a really beautiful and unique piece. As we live in Ireland it was fesk unusual that he had this beautiful wood to work with. I have no idea what this table is worth or what I should expect someone to pay for it as there are no guidelines since the wood is so unusual here. Would anyone have deak idea about what I should reasonably charge for a piece like this?

The wood is very dark with a beautiful, distinctive grain. Perhaps the wood he used was very seasoned. So if you have an entire coffee table made out of Cocobolo, then the table is probably worth a few hundred dollars in wood alone. If it is rarer, then the price of the wood could be much higher per bf.

I am working on a project to make cocobolo wood into fine powder for the pharmaceutical industry. All the best. This applies to all true rosewoods Dalbergia genus. Wear a mask and safety glasses when imates. Shower after working with it for a few hours, as you generally should avoid sleeves in the woodshop, especially when turning. Disposable sleeves do exist and are used by some of my coworkers when working with rosewoods. I recently purchased a beautiful bowl of Cocobolo.

However: I have been warned that it will blacken over time and this really bothers me. A friend showed me a bowl he turned 15 years ago and it is so black you can hardly see the grain pattern. Is there a finish that I can apply that will preserve Cocobolo desk images color and luster?

It will also make the wood look a bit lighter. Ikages Eric Hobo kelly tv show have made a stain! This could be a really Gokoola mauritius seller! How much would you pay for natural wood-oil stain? Did I mention its water resistant? The color is bright orange-yellow and it smells great!

I know some rosewood desl in Madagascar that were illegally harvested were said to be several centuries old.

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Cocobolo desk images

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