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Ddlg chatroom


Ddlg chatroom

Ddlg chatroom

Ddlg chatroom

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 21 December - PM. As someone who has 'trauma' I don't pin that on other people. Or report them for making a joke that might bother me. Unless they're actively or directly harassing me after I've been pretty straightforward- in which case I would still just wander off. It depends on the individual. Maybe some people get so deep into "little space" that they can't switch it off.

The nature of chats in general is a mob mentality. I have experienced them since the year So I figure that qualifies me to say this much You will get a group up people that stick out a chat often and make into a 'so called' home and draw up their own rules rather than any rules dictated or governed by any Objective Reasoning. Ultimately does any of this matter, no. There are several other very easy to use chat clients that you yourself can populate and bring those people to with a link and I do not think that violates any of the rules of this Forum Site I would do that Other than that, I doubt these site creators will exhaust themselves in the creation of a duplicate chat to please several members.

It's just not how these sites work, except perhaps when it's just easy to do. Posted 22 December - AM. I don't know if its possible but maybe there should be different rooms of chat. Like one for kink one for no kink one for caregivers one for little to play Idk just a suggestion. If someone is uncomfortable in chat, they should kindly ask the topic be dropped if they are actively chatting, not lurkingbut that shouldn't be used as a means to censor other people, and people don't always have to react to it.

Maybe if the sexual talk Black girl fighting gif excessive and going on for a long time it makes sense, but don't be so quick to drop any topic just because some people find it uncomfortable.

Otherwise everyone will apply their own censors on the chatroom and we won't ever get any interesting discussion if we're all so caught up on accommodating for a million different peoples triggers. Posted 22 December - PM. Posted 23 December Craigslist find PM. Yes, I am quoting Michael. But not because he is an Admin, but rather because this is literally how chat was designed.

And Ddlg chatroom, okay because he is an Admin. A friend asked me if I had gotten my dog bone shaped gag. I stated not yet and people were talking about it and and I casually yet fitting for the conversation at the time mentioned my mouth is physically too small for a ball gag so the bone gag and the paci gag that I have ordered are much better for me.

So I feel it prudent to remind people of Free dating apps on ios inherent double standard. I brought it up yesterday but quickly dropped it so not to start a fight. But now that I have time to approach it amicably As this topic states, there has been a lot of 'no sexual talk' requests in chat. And I do understand that some littles don't like sexual content when in little space or that people Ddlg chatroom asexual or what have you.

I totally understand and urge people to express if they are being uncomfortable. Those of us that talk about sexual or kink topics aren't trying to make anyone uncomfortable - it is just some of us like sharing ideas and interests, and they just happen to be sexual in nature.

We aren't maliciously talking about these things to purposefully trigger people or make people feel unwelcomed. We are simply doing what every chat room Tumblr nude friends - following a topic of interest by a group of people and conversing. However, here lately, I have found myself growing irritated at this request because of one thing. Its entirely hypocritical coming from some people which this hasn't happened in months, the hypocrisy.

Yet it happens so much. Or did, at least. And yes, there were times when I would be like "hey, could we maybe talk about something Ddlg chatroom than glitter, please? And yeah, those are direct quotes. How do I know? Because they stung. Like, damn. When I suggested those things I always tried Ddlg chatroom best to be polite because I realized it was a me issue, not a them issue.

But to receive such hate and guilt, it was quite astounding. I never reported because honestly, I didn't want to deal with it. Looking back, I really should have because that was really just vicious. Why did I bring this up? By the logic of changing sexual topics due to being uncomfortable - the same standard should apply. It is only fair. And as Michael said, we aren't required to sensor ourselves unless it is excessive and truly graphic, not just sexual. So it is a Lindsey meadows stripper of respect to change the topic if one person gets uncomfortable with basic sex topics - then it should be a point of respect if one person is uncomfortable with screeching littles?

My point is this; this logic must work both ways. If sexual topics are expected to be moderated not by actual mods, but respected by those uncomfortablethan so should other topics. Like excessive littleness. Am I saying we should moderate and censor chat to such an extent? What I am saying is that everyone should realize that chat is a fluid tool. If you are uncomfortable and realize that it is a you thing like I realized it is a me thing ask nicely and accept either way or wait it out.

Not everyone can be pleased with the topics all the time in chat. That is simply a fact. So trying to force it to your specific views is quite, well, narrow-minded. That goes with sexual members and non. Long story short - we all need to accept chat isn't always going to be what we want.

And since we are all adults, we should like such and move on. Being this petty with chat as it has gotten in the actual room is counter productive. Posted 07 January - PM. I have been banned and given warning points for not censoring myself in the past. I was told that I shouldn't have to wait for a mod to tell me to change topics, that I should appease the masses Ddlg chatroom just shut up. I agree with Raptor, there seems to be less and less of us sexual ageplayers, and we are being made to feel like creeps and weirdos.

Posted 08 January - PM. As a very sexual little, I understand this so Women over 60 getting fucked. It happens everywhere.

I'm okay with changing topics if it's reasonable, but if they just don't want to talk about sex then there's other places they can go. It's not reasonable for them to expect sexual littles to never talk about sex ever.

Maybe someone could set up an irc channel for the sexual littles to talk? I'm part of a denial chat and they use irc. I just have irccloud installed on my phone and it's super easy to use and I can be on it whenever I have time. I don't see this forum creating two chatrooms any time soon so irc might me a good idea. There are PMs for a reason and one of those reasons being it allows you to talk to people without subjecting everyone else to whatever you have to say.

Posted 09 January - PM. Okay, then if you have seen so many places where it is sexualised then maybe you can direct us Ddlg chatroom somewhere we can talk in a chatroom because I have yet to find one where it is okay. And we aren't forcing anyone to read it. They can look away for half an hour.

It's just as unreasonable for us to not be able to talk about it at all. The PMs are not instant and do not involve multiple people. No matter where you talk you are subjecting people to what you have to say.

That is your belief and you are allowed it, just as we are allowed ours. And that is what this thread is asking - how to allow both sides to have what they want because it is unreasonable to have either side go without what they want. Posted 10 January - AM. I don't think that puts good ideas out there either. None of us want chat to devolve into "PM me for sexay tyme talk" spam.

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Ddlg chatroom

Ddlg chatroom

Ddlg chatroom

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