From Two Naps to One

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Nap to go


Nap to go

Nap to go

Nap time is one of those daily rituals that can end up being stressful rather than relaxing—for children and for teachers. When teachers are Nap to go, children can relax too. Daily routines offer children a sense of consistency and security. Look beyond the many small tasks that make up nap time. What can you do to create an environment of relaxation and to help release children from the activities and tensions Mo math the day?

Here are some suggestions. Effective teachers offer support and guidance from the wings while children engage in tasks tailored to their abilities. Slowing down the nap time routine promotes relaxation and helps children de-stress. Some children may experience anxiety in their home lives.

When the lights go out, tensions build—they may hear parents arguing or loud noises Nap to go outside or be aware of unsafe neighborhood conditions. Children need to know that in the classroom there are no ghosts, no scary situations, no upsetting scenarios. Talk softly, dim the lights, and give every child a hug, a pat on the back, or a low five. Show them that you cherish and appreciate them.

Make it your priority to develop a warm and caring relationship with Personals orlando fl child. Early childhood educators can give children coping mechanisms to deal with stress or chaos. The following are skills that children can use at nap time on their cots and at bedtime at home.

Taking deep breaths slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and Nap to go a feeling of being in control. Anyone can use this Nap to go. Coach children to simply breathe in deeply … two, three and hold Repeat until relaxation—or sleep—happens. Progressive muscle relaxation is a wonderful way to relieve stress.

Teach children to tense and then relax different muscle groups. Start with the toes; move up to the Nap to go, stomach, arms … and finally, the face and the scalp—if anyone is still awake! Visualization, also known as visual guided Nap to go, is a technique that uses the imagination to slow thoughts down and release worries.

We can smell flowers. The grass is soft Listening to calming music can help a child regain balance. Even very young children can enjoy relaxing to classical music—or to the sound of whales communicating or waves breaking on the beach.

After having a great morning together, share a lullaby or a repetitive poem. Be sure to use Porno saite quiet, soothing voice. When the children are ready to get up, let them! Help children recognize when their bodies have had enough rest.

Guide them in making good personal choices. As children awaken, remind them that others are still relaxing, so they need to talk quietly. So many wonderful, comforting ideas in this article remind us how powerful words are in setting the tone and making each child feel special. Two strategies can help you provide the same comfort to children who are DLLs.

Help children understand the stories and visualizations you will use by introducing the topics and words at other times, using demonstrations and images. When possible, learn some stories or visualization messages in the home languages of the children. Print this article. Skip to main content. Nap Time Is for Letting Go. Wendy Mendola. Audience: Teacher. Age: Preschool.

Teaching Young Children. Buy this issue.

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Nap to go

Nap to go

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